Saturday, June 9, 2012

Surabaya (Mt. Bromo) - Yogyakarta (Borobudur) Backpack

I took so much effort to initiate and blog about this trip. Somehow when we start working, there's one thousand and one things to do. And we can't really find the time to do things we used to like to do - Blogging.

Anyway, after quite a hectic month with my GT 12 going thru almost an major inspection, I finally get an weekend's off.

I was in Surabaya, Indonesia from 23-27.5.2012.

Left our hostel at around 3 am
First ray of dawn
Sunrise at Penanjakan 1, near Mt. Bromo
Quite a great view to be honest
Mount Bromo (Live volcano)
View from Mt Bromo
View from our dom - Lava Cafe
Since we were there for 5 days, and that another famous volcano - Ijen is being classified as "going to exploded", we took a 6-hour train to centre Java - Yogyakarta, to catch the famous Borobudur.

It was actually Destination of the Month on!

Local long distance train
Goh RC
A Buddhist site
Prambanan - A Hindu site
Nasi Rawon
Cantonese aunty in Yogyakarta
Venice @ Yogyakarta, due to Dutch influence
Goh RC's favourite
Nasi ayam penyek
I wonder if you would receive this postcard?
To be honest, it was quite an eventful trip. Our total budget including flights is around RM 900. It's my first trip to Indonesia, and I can't help to notice this imbalance in social structure, where the ethnic chinese are no where to be found on the streets.
The only place we could see them is in shopping malls.
So walking around Surabaya town at night made the 4 of us standing out.
We actually met many kind hearted and friendly locals there.
Anyway, I am looking forward to my Medan trip in July.


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Anonymous said...

Hi crusader... Do u think it is sufficient for me to spend 5 days bromo n borobodur?
I will be travelling alone to these 2 places, so do you think it is safe?
Would appreciate if you can share some of your thoughts and im travelling from 23-28 jan

crusader said...

Hi Anonymous, or how should I address you?

5 days is sufficient, but it depends how is your 5 days? Considering if your first day starts early in the morning, and the 5th day ends in the evening, yes, it's do-able.

From Borobudur, we took a 40 minute flight using Batavia Airlines, which cost around RM 100.00 (USD 30) from Yogya->Surabaya.

Basically, your itinerary can be like this:
Day 1 - Arrive at Surabaya, head straight to Bromo from the airport.
Day 2 - Follow the Mt Bromo tour. Most probably check out some hot-spring on the way back to Surabaya.
Day 3 - Take a train to Yogya in the morning. Explore Yogya in the evening.
Day 4 - Tour Borobudur and Prambanan, take the evening flight back to Surabaya
Day 5 - Explore around Surabaya town and depart.

All the best mate. I miss Bromo's sunrise view


Jika berkenan mampirlah ke blog aku juga yah.... klik disini jangan lupa komentarnya di bawah posting :) Trims.

Kaitian said...

We missed Venice@jogja.. How's it? Worth to have a visit?

crusader said...

Well to be utterly honest, Borobudur, if compared to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Bagan in Burma, seems a little over-rated from my point of view.

But still, it's an important historical site in South East Asia.

It's still worth a go!

Wollymei said...

Dear Crusader,

I am planning a trip that seems exactly like yours! I was wondering if you could give me some advice on your transportation?

-Were you on a backpacking budget trip?
- How did you get from airport to Bromo?
- Did you buy mt bromo tour at your hostel?

Finally, is it better to spend time at mount bromo and another smaller volcano or is bordubur temple worth a visit?

Many thanks for any advice!!!

Weeser said...

Hi Wolleymei,


1) Yes. Was a budget trip, which took us around RM 500.00 for 5 days. But we had 4 people, so we the cost went down.

2) Took a taxi straight from airport to the foothill of Bromo, and checked-in there.

3) Yup. The price of tours were all listed down properly, so we didn't had much fuss.

Frankly speaking, Borobudur wasn't what I expected it to be. Maybe had slight higher hopes, as I've been to Angkor and Bagan. But I believe, it's still worth a visit, along with Prambanan, instead of just volcanoes.

Enjoy your trip.

Wollymei said...

Thank you very much really apprecaite it!! I am going to be travelling alone, female traveller... any advice against doing this?


crusader said...

Hi Wollymei,

I guess Indonesia is still quite a safe place to travel.

Maybe you could try to get to your destinations before it gets dark. And bring some back-up cash, keeping them a few different locations. And since you are alone, it'll be good to enable your international roaming on your cellphone, or get a local Indonesian sim card, to update your loved ones where you are.

Should be a rather straight forward trip.

Enjoy and take care.

Wollymei said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

hye :) may i ask where u stay at Mt. Bromo and how much it is ?
another thing, how much it is for u to get a cab straight from the airport to bromo ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm planning to go for a Bromo trip with my younger sister. However, I noticed that you did a drive up to the summit. Is it advisable to do a trek up?

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