Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mid of May

It’s a hot weekend, and I am enjoying it very much.
It’s been quite some time since I had such a relaxing weekend like this.
I practically worked everyday in April due to gas turbine outage work.
I went home again last weekend, tagging along my siblings on Saturday morning, and came back on Sunday evening. Was quite a rush, but it’s worth every effort to have the family together again.
It’s mid of May. 

My trip to Xiamen in February seems like  a long long time ago
Oh how I miss the 蠔面线~ Super lot's of fresh 蠔 collected in the morning and cooked in the evening!

A view of Xiamen city from 鼓浪屿
My relatives in Xiamen

I am looking forward to quite an exciting and action-packed second half on the year.

Below’s my schedule for the rest of the year:
  • 23-27.5.2012 – Backpack @ Surabaya (Will check out Mt Bromo and Borobudur as well at Yogyakarta)
  • 28-30.5.2012 – Gas Turbine Conference @ Singapore
  • 22-24.5.2012 – Flying back to JB for 端午节 aka dumpling festival (or whatever it’s called)
  • 26-28.6.2012 – Staff team building @ Bukit Tinggi (Not the most exciting though)
  • 30.6.2012 – Company Family Day (It’s at some water park in KL)
  • 26-30.7.2012 – Backpack @ Medan (Lake Toba’s the main attraction)
  • 4-5.8.2012 – Famine 30 (Trying to starve for 30 hours)
  • 28.9 – 1.10.2012 – Flying back to JB for 中秋节 aka Mooncake Festival
  • 12-15.10.2012 – IET Visit to Kuching
  • 11-17.11.2012 – Backpack @ Sri Lanka
  • 8-11.12.2012 – Backpack @ Laos
  • 24-29.1.2013 – Backpack @ Philippines 
Besides, I aim to complete my thesis in September.

How would I forget such a scenery in life

They used to call me Superman.
And my life used to be really really hectic, challenging but fun.
Hope to round off 2nd half of year 2012 with style.


Tan Chia Hui said...

kaolat bro. Perfect time management skill. really superman lo can work, do research, n backpack throughout d year @_*. Keep it up~!

weeser said...

Haha~ Some times planning is planning, but there's a risk planning so far ahead.

Like today, my GT got some problem. Still contemplating whether to go Surabaya or not.

Kaitian said...

How u able to do so??!! Superman? I think more than a superman! :P salute salute!!

crusader said...

Haha... Still young la. But definitely slowing down already. Nothing is impossible. Work hard, play hard.