Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I went home on 28th of April. Meaning this post is quite out-dated. Actually, this blog is outdated too.

28th of April was also Bersih 3.0, the hype of the town. But another important event on this day was, it's my mom's birthday!

I left for Seremban at 6.30am, met up with my friends Chong Sheng, who brought me to Terminal Seremban to buy bus tix home. To be honest I hate driving back to JB from KL.

We even had time for breakfast before catching the bus at 8.00am.

I thought I would be home early, maybe around 11.00am. But I was wrong. The bus from Seremban (Transnational) practically brought me on a 1-day Negeri Sembilan-Melaka trip. I think the bus went to Senawang,Tampin, and came out from Simpang Ampat toll plaza.


Reached JB around 2.00pm...

From Larkin, I took a cab to Dataran Merdeka Bandaraya Johor Bahru to join some 7000 folks.

It's for a good cause, and I fully support it.

But I can't help but believe that, most of these guys are joining it like a carnival or gathering or some sort.

Well, hopefully there's change, and that there'll be a better tomorrow for Malaysia.

Green and yellow

Welcome to JB

  7000 crowd
Singapore view, in front of General Hospital, JB

Happy birthday mom. I love you. You are the best!

PS1: Have abondoned this blog for quite some time. Will try my best for some updates~
PS2: The new html looks good, just that I can't seem to upload photos which are "portrait". It automatically changes it to "landscape". Any idea?