Monday, May 14, 2012

2 types of people

In any organization, there are 2 types of people.

First, there’re those who have 100 % commitment, and would do any given task sincerely, without any fuss.

It’s easy to notice people like this. They’ve got a passion and enthusiasm that drives them forward. However, the burning fire would one day dip, in the face of a materialistic world, where, "you’ve got to do something with return".

I think people who have a big heart are going to get extinct.

Volunteerism and charitable work are a waste of time, so as what others will say from time to time.

Well, to be honest, me myself do not know why I spend time doing volunteer work. Maybe my upbringing played a part. 

Well, I guess it's the satisfaction and ecstatic feeling when things get done successfully.

Priceless moments in life.

Thus, it makes the people that volunteer and help out even more precious and worthwhile.

And I am a big admire of people who serve/volunteer/do good deeds without beeping a sound.

Then, there are the destructive dudes every organization have. These people are also volunteers, and helpers who contribute their exclusive time out. BUT, for whatever reasons or motives they have, they somehow become more of an obstacles to the improvement and advancement of the organization. 

Look at the bigger picture will'ya?
These dudes wasn’t from the “grassroots”, and are kinda “parachuted” in, maybe due to their academic excellence or past experience.

Well, these dudes will have their contributions to the organization, but I do sincerely hope they’ll give more cooperation, advice, and solutions rather than mere criticism and rejection to our ideas.

Why not try some grass in Cambodia with the mooooosss...
Everyone’s working hard for our beliefs.

Why do you want to create more problems rather than help us solving it together?

The more challenges you've set, I am going to overcome it.

Yes, we are watching


Tan Chia Hui said...

LOL~! she's watching... yo picture need edit bro =p

weeser said...

Yes. She and I are watching this rascal!