Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Yup. It’s been long since I updated this blog.

No signs of Cambodia and Burma backpack.

Same old lame reason – Busy with work, study, and play.

I was supposed to join the party-come-wedding proposal countdown back in Desaru, JB. But before I finished my exam, my friends were already on the way back from KL. I admit, I don’t drive alone back to JB. It’s a boring and long journey from Nilai. So I ditched the plan.

I washed my car, did some much needed spring cleaning for my room, which was abandoned due to the exam.

Had HVDC final paper at 9.00am this morning.

There goes my last subject for my Masters in Electrical Engineering program. It was manageable. But I won’t deny I studied to the very last minute, and wasn’t really confident. You know taking exams at 24 isn’t easy. The brain’s not as fast as it was. Thus I really admire those “seniors” who are still studying and taking (academic) exams.

Not to mention doing subjects like Advance Maths or Power System Protection.

So, I am left with my project dissertation. I had found my supervisor since September. Though many of my friends gave “negative outlook” of that lecturer, I am still willing to take my chance. He’s one the few lecturers who will be at the lab on weekends. I need that time. Also, he’s good in Matlab Simulink (I guess), and that my gas turbine model with neural fuzzy needs his expertise. I hope everything can wrap up come September.

Work has been good too. I barely scraped thru for my KPI. Boss has been understanding and great to all of us. The projects department is planning to build a few power plants here and there, so hopefully I can get a taste of travelling around and learning new stuffs too. Though I must admit, I still don’t really know my GTs very well.

So it’s the last day of year 2011.

Year 2011 was great for me.

The people around me did well. My sisters graduated and started working too.

I backpacked in Cambodia in July (7 days) and Burma in September (8 days), both fantastic destinations. I met fantastic people, and made great friends.

I went on my company trip to Zhang Jia Jie, Hunan, China for 6 days in early November.

Overall, great year.

So tomorrow will be year 2012.

I am not someone who lists out new year resolutions, though I think I did tried before, and conveniently forget about it after that.

I always take things step by step, when I meet them.

I told myself I would stop backpacking in 2012 and do scuba diving. But , now I’ve 3 trips coming up.

In February, I will be backpacking in Xiamen, China. It’s where my grandfather came from. My aunt (dad’s elder sister) is living there, and this trip will be one of my most awaited and important trip in my life.

It’s my home-coming. I want to learn about my family history. I bought 2-way MAS for RM 900+ last July. The lure of Xiamen is too strong.

In May, I’ll leave for Surabaya to visit Mount Bomo, the tourist attraction volcano. It was n impromptu plan 2 weeks back. I’m going with 3 of my colleagues. AirAsia 2-way for RM 180.00.

I bought AirAsia 2-way to Medan for July during the AirAsia RM 0.10 sale. I will feel devastated not to buy the 2-way tix for RM 52.20. Spent most of the night looking for tix and sms-ing and emailing my friends. At the end, 6 of us going with an average price of RM 63.00.

I thought I am able to open a backpacker business.

So that’s my travel plans for 2012. Hopefully there’ll be some oversea visits by my company too.

For year 2012, I would like to change my cell phone too.

My Nokia 6630 has been with me for like 7 years. It has scaled Mount Kinabalu and went to look after turtles at Redang with me. I was thinking about getting a Galaxy Note right after my exam today. But after doing all the calculation and budgeting, I postponed the plan.

I know it makes me like a coward. But I rather spend 2000 bucks as red-packet for both my parents during Chinese New Year first. Maybe after that, I’ll get the Note when I save up enough for the phone.

Of course there will be Galaxy S3 that time, and I’ll wait even longer.

Wonder when I’ll change my cell phone.


I don’t really have plans.

Oh ya, about a new girlfriend! My friends around me are finding their partners and are out now partying. Yet I am still sitting here typing this blog on New Year Eve.

Come Chinese New Year, this question will surely pop up. Even dad is a little worried at times!

Well, what can I say? It’s all up to fate I guess. I never ask for things that aren’t meant for me.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone that know me for your support, help and guidance for the past whole year.

Sincerely wishing you a great year ahead.

Take care mates!


Tan Chia Hui said...

Admire yo spirit to travel around man =) Happy New Year~!

Ice said...

Lol...about the girlfren wont drop from sky! you gotta find it! haha...i think the only thing u nd to pursue now is gf, cuz u hav everything ady! haha happy new yr n all the best!

weeser said...

Ah Hui: Thanks man. Happy bnew year and all the best in HK. Got time go visit u.

Teh Bing: Hmmm~~~ I agree it wont drop from the sky. Haha~

kae vin said...

Happy New Year! :)

Congratulations for completing your master degree! After working for slightly more than a year, I am thinking to pursue it.

All the best in 2012!

weeser said...

Happy new year to you too!

Studying is good. But exams are terrible~

All the best for 2012 bro!

SuKi said...

I think you got a wonderful life~~
that enuf for this 25 yrs ad~~

and i'm lost ur hp no ad~~
may you update for me??

all the best & Happy 2012 ya~~~