Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happiest and most contented guy

Call me easily satisfied if you think so.

I feel so happy and contented every time my whole family meets.

My twin sisters are graduating tomorrow at MMU Cyberjaya. Would like to congratulate and wish both my lovely sisters all the best in life.

Great job!

Mom and dad came up to Nilai early today from JB. From Nilai we went over to pick them up for lunch at Wangsa Maju. After that we went to UM to get my bro, and we took a set of family photos at PJ.

We had a family dinner at New Paris, PJ.

Simple and sweet.

We dropped bro back to UM, as he had some things to do. He also went and collected the flowers he booked, as UM’s having its convocation week too.

Well, most probably the scenes reminded me about my convocation last year?

Not really. I just remembered how proud my family was because of me.

We continued back to Nilai, as I checked them in a simple, cozy, and quite newly opened local hotel (Sri Nilai Hotel) at around 8pm. I actually booked and paid last Monday. To be honest, it was quite hard to find local hotel’s information in the internet. The better ones like Empress and Tune are quite expensive (200++/room). At Sri Nilai, I got 2 rooms, which are interconnected, for RM 100/room. Everyone’s quite happy with the condition.

Bro reached at 9.15pm, in his Proton Saga from PJ, and I went out to the main road to bring him in. Rained heavily when I stepped out the hotel. Thank god we came back safely.

I checked my family in Nilai, because it’s near where I am staying. It’s also around 30 minutes drive from MMU. Tomorrow morning I’ll pick them up at 6.00am, and we’ll have McD breakfast (because it’s 24 hours), and hopefully, we’ll be at MMU Cyberjaya at around 7.30am.

Seriously, I can’t describe how happy and grateful to have such a wonderful and complete family. Most probably we ate from the same pot of rice, stayed under one roof, and have great parents who cared and planned so well for the family.

As the big brother, I am proud to say I've done my best, and will always play my part.

There are things in life that you can’t buy using money and fame.

And I am so fortunate to have it now.

Priceless moments in life.

That’ll stay in my heart to the end of days.

I know that things will not stay this way forever. But I will always remember this period of my life, when I had a fantastic, complete and happy family.

For that will make me stronger and more vigilant in life.


weeser said...

PS: Sunday was a fantastic day. I could tell Mom and dad were proud. My sisters were happy. Cousin Wee Hong dropped by with her kids. Kudos, and thanks for coming!

Overall, I am very very happy and proud!

kae vin said...

Appreciate your family because they are God given treasure! :)

weeser said...

Well said bro.