Saturday, September 24, 2011

The day I lost myself

The laughter and smile on my face after everything was settled didn’t mirror what really happened.

I was in Myanmar for 8 days (15-22.9.2011).

I guess I’ll just time-line the whole scenario down:

21.9.2011, 5.30pm – Left Nyaung U, Bagan, on bus to Yangon. It was an 11-hours bus journey.

22.9.2011, 4.30am – Reach Yangon at around. Taxi-ed to one of the quite famous coffee shops – Aung Thaka, but found out not opened until 9.00am. Walked to Shwedagon Paya, Myanmar’s most important Buddhist site. Spend the whole morning sitting by the corridor.

22.9.2011, 9.30am – Left for breakfast. It was drizzling, but PY and myself continue walking all over town, along with our backpacks.

22.9.2011, 1.00pm – During lunch, I felt a little exhausted

22.9.2011, 4.00pm – Reached Yangon International Airport. My hands and legs were icy cold, and PY was puzzled as he felt warm. I knew the symptoms. I must have caught a cold, and that caused fever. I don’t normally fall sick. But when I am, I am hit hard. I got this fever+stomach upset combo illness some 4 months back, which made me bedridden for 1 full day.

22.9.2011, 8.15pm – Departed Yangon for KL, I only ate 3 mouth-full of AirAsia Bryani Rice, took a panadol, and dozed off.

22.9.2011, 12.30am – Reached Malaysia, slept at 2.30am.

22.9.2011, 7.30am – Woke up, went to work.

22.9.2011, 6.00pm – Finished work, planned to go to clinic (Clinic A) to get some fever and diarrhea pills. But the clinic was closed. Thought would come back at 7.00pm.

22.9.2011, 7.15pm – My buddies Saifu and JH sent me back to clinic A. Not opened. So we went back to Bandar Baru Nilai, for Clinic B and Clinic C. During the journey, I felt my legs and hands getting cramps. Breathing was getting increasingly difficult, as I believe my lung muscles were the next to get cramps. Reaching Clinic B, there was no doctor there.

22.9.2011, 7.25pm – With sweat all over my face, and two very petrified friends, I applied all the first aid skills I learnt thru out my life. I lied down at the back seat, had Saifu getting my life-less legs straight. My hands muscles were severely contracted and I can’t control nor feel them. JH tried to call the ambulance, but it didn’t seem to arrived. There were talks of sending me to Seremban Hospital.

22.9.2011, 7.35pm – On my part, I had to make sure my brain was still clear, and stay calm. I was full of foul-language to make sure I don’t bite my tongue, or have my face getting cramped up. I constantly move my face and tongue, ensuring blood circulation to continue on my last controllable and most important organ. I urge my exhausted friends to straighten and massage my limps. I know that once the cells and tissues have run out of blood and oxygen, the only way is to amputat the dead organs.

22.9.2011, 7.45pm – I was quite nervous during the breathing difficulty period. I could feel my chest getting pressed and pressured down. Every breath was so hard. Lying at the back of Saifu’s Myvi, I reminded myself to be strong and that I’ve done lots of fantastic and challenging things in life. I thought about my beloved family. It’s a lie if I said I wasn't freaked out. To be honest, I did think death was around the corner if no help comes in time. I remembered my late friend Gary. I thought we may had encountered the same problem.

22.9.2011, 7.55pm – My friends were freaked-out. They were doing their best to keep me awake, telling me not to doze-off, and calling the ambulance again, and in the same time trying to massage my limps with their exhausted hands. The blood needs to circulate. I felt cold on all my limps, but they later said they were piping hot that time. Clinic C was opposite, and with a help of a passer-by, they drove me there.

22.9.2011, 8.00pm – My friends helped me into Clinic C. The doctor never came out of her room. The nurse kept telling my friends sent me to the hospital. With my limps all cramped up, my last request of muscle cream were not heeded either. That, was, the most hapless moment in my life. What kind of doctor is she? This so-called doctor could actually sit inside her room with a traumatic patient lying inside her clinic?

22.9.2011, 8.05pm – With the doctor not coming out, we had to make decision. Ambulance doesn’t seem to arrive. I assessed myself again. I felt confident. I was breathing better already, though you can see my limps getting different shapes due to the contraction of muscles. I made the call. Rush to the nearest hospital – Nilai Cancer Institute (NCI), which is around 10 minutes.

22.9.2011, 8.15pm – I was wheel-chaired into the emergency section. The doctor on shift Dr. Monica, assessed me, and calmed me down. She started by asking me a few personal information like birth date, occupation and etc. Dr. Monica diagnosed that I am low on potassium, sodium, and sugar, and immediately gave “the drip” of 500 ml KCl (Potassium Chloride) thru my left hand. “The drip” would last around 1.5 hours. After around 10 minutes, a nurse gave me another jab.

22.9.2011, 8.45pm – An experienced and kind doctor in Dr. Monica settled me down quite well, knowing that I am in good hands. She gave me 2 cups of Milo to replenish my glucose, citing not enough minerals and sugar in my body. To be honest, I never thought this would happen to me.

22.9.2011, 9.00pm – My friends must have been doing all those registration stuffs while I was “dripping”, and when I saw them, I greeted them with a smile. God, they were glad.

22.9.2011, 10.15pm – Felt a lot better, though my limps were still cold, I was able to walk, and go to the toilet. Left the hospital for a light meal.

I had a good night rest, though interrupted by a few diarrhea sessions.


Went back to Dr. Monica just now at 3.00pm for a follow-up. I am feeling good now. Dr. Monica says “You need to eat, take anything, like a cup of Milo is best, or even some Maggi Mee, every 4 hours, because it’ll maintain your sugar level for the next hour”.

Thank you Dr. Monica. I owe you one. I also need to thank my friends Saifu and JH, whom I thought I really freaked them out. But to be honest, I myself was freaked out too.

A timely reminder, that health is wealth. And a little bit of first aid knowledge is vital.

Do take care my friends.

I'll signed off with some unedited pictures from Myanmar.

It was a tough but fantastic 8 days there. Wait for my blog post on Myanmar~

PY with the kids

A local girl from Bagan

The majestic temple of Ananda, Bagan

Sunset at Shwezigon Paya, Bagan

Sunset on U Bein Bridge, Amarapura, Mandalay

Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD Office, Yangon


Tan Chia Hui said...

man u should rest more! tak k =)

Ice said...

omg! wat is the cause? virus infection in overseas? take k! luckily u r ok now.

kae vin said...

Take good care my friend. I have seen friends having the same symptom due to a lack of minerals in their bodies. (after diarrhea usually)

Glad that you are fine! :)

weeser said...

CH: Yes bro. I am fine d. Thanks a lot... Hope u r doing gud!

Teh Ice: No virus, just mal-nutrition i guess. I ate quite healthy in Myanmar. Lots of greens and fresh veges~

Kae Vin: I think most prob., i m in the same case as ur frens.