Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Backpack @ Burma 14-10.9.2011

Ya I know. I haven't finish blogging about Cambodia, yet I am leaving for Burma this evening.

No choice, a return ticket of RM 125.00 is too hard to resist.

I am going with a uni-mate of mine - Ping Yew.

Hopefully we can accomplish our planned itinerary.

14.9.2011 - Arrived at Yangon at 7.30pm (local time). Settle in, get train/bus tix to Mandalay next day.
15.9.2011 - 16hours train ride to Mandalay
16.9.2011 - Explore Mandalay
17.9.2011 - Leave for Bagan (app. 8 hours)
18.9.2011 - Explore Bagan
19.9.2011 - Leave for Yangon, explore Yangon
20.9.2011 - Explore Yangon, leave for Malaysia, 8.30pm local time

Map of Burma

My personal wish is to drop by Aung San Su Kyi's place at 54, University Avenue, Yangon.

I think Burma's telco coverage is rather poor. Meaning I'll be MIA for a week.

Hope I settled everything and all delegated all outstanding work.

I look forward to my latest adventure