Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cambodia Backpack (20-27.7.11)

I can’t really believe it’s been 9 months since I bought this ticket.

Yup, I’m leaving for Cambodia early tomorrow morning. I’ve been really busy lately, and almost ditched this trip due to my test. Luckily it was postponed one week later.

This also means that I’ll have my Advance Maths test 2 days after I’m back.

Anyway, I’m not gonna think about it, as I’ve did some ground work on it for the past few nights.
It’s quite a weird trip to be honest. My initial partner CP can’t make the trip due to work commitments.

I’m going with 4 other friends from my hometown JB. However, they’ve booked their hostels, tour-guides and transportation, basically being tied down.

As for myself, being an amateur backpacker, would want to confirm my itinerary after getting some local feedback, meaning I’ll do some work on the ground, and not depend fully on the research thru internet.

My friends are taking the PP-Battambang-SR route (west coast). I on the other hand, am more interested to take the PP-Kratie-SR route (eastern).

Anyway, my plan should be something like this:

Day 1: Visit PP-S.L., Palace, Killing Field, Russian Market.
Day 2: Leave for Kratie by bus (9am, take 5 hours to reach). Motodop to Kampi VIllage to see dolphin, walk back to town.
Day 3&4: Travel to Kampong Cham-> Skuon->S.R. (I see how far i can travel, either stay in one of these 3 places), But I need to reach SR by Day 4 night.
Day 5: Angkor Day 1.
Day 6: Angkor Day 2.
Day 7: Angkor Day 3.
Day 8: Back to Malaysia in morning.

I should be covering around 600-700 km for the whole trip.


Liverpool was in town last weekend. I somehow ended up in the first row “Premier” seat which cost RM 308 with a RM 108 ticket.

I thought Malaysia played better than Liverpool. Without Gerard, Reina, Lucas, and Suarez, this Liverpool team is just a mid-table team.

Anyway, singing my lungs out “You’ll never walk alone” alongside 80,000 fans at the end of the match with my Anfield bought “This is Anfield” scarf above my head, I did really thought I made it to Anfield finally!

Not really though