Friday, May 27, 2011

End of May 2011

Thank god it’s Friday!

Oh, seriously...

I had a fruitful week of training at ILSAS TNB (in Uniten). In contrary to any Malaysian’s believe (especially Namewee with his youtube TNB song), TNB has actually bright sparks amongst their ranks, especially in the field of electrical engineering (of course).

People like Mr. Govindan, Mr. Mok and Mr. Arvin boasts class and decades of experience. The willingness to share knowledge and skills selflessly earns them my colleagues and my fullest respect.

I've no doubt TNB is what they are today because of all these competent, knowledgeable and kind people. Forget about those cocky, half bucket-full craps, which unfortunately make up most of their population...

Bloody ***** didn't have the courtesy to make sure we have our meals properly.

Had a cheque issuing marathon on Thursday with IET YPS.

Got back home average at 10.00pm for the past 5 days.

Mentally and physically exhausted. (Downed a bottle of Brands Chicken’s Essence that I found in my room just now)

Seriously need this up-coming weekend for some much needed rest!


It’s the end of May, which means that it’s my 1-year working life anniversary.

I must say, that was quite fast.

Well looking at the likes of L*ndy coming for internship or Ah L*k* joining us just show the fact that time had not stop even for a pause ever since I left Uniten.

My work has been great and enjoyable.

I know and understand the life of an engineer/technical person in a power plant. It's true that dealing with machines is easier than dealing with human beings.

Though it wasn’t as exciting as what I expected, I am still quite pleased and happy with everything.

I’ve understanding and selfless colleagues, seniors and friends. My boss is a nice lad who came thru the hard way (it seems last time, the work place was a “war place”), but would gladly guide and train us (greenhorns).

I guess it took quite some patience to deal with an inexperience and slow learner like myself.

Nevertheless, I am trying my best to make up of what I lack thru self-initiatives and self-study. Hopefully the motivation will push me further…

After spending the past 12 months working, I can’t wait come July for my Cambodia backpack!

Dividing my brain into 3 parts and co-relating them at the same time’s not a walk in the park I guess. But I believe learning from the master of multitasking (like Dr Vigna) gave me some insights and a strong foundation…


Class has started for a month already. It’s my third semester and I’m still coping with everything. But for this semester, the killing subject of Advance Mathematics by Dr Burn (omg~) will be really taxing and strenuous. Imagine combining Calculus 1,2,3 and DE in 4 months…

Not to mention all these were long deleted from my brain cells for like 4 years?

I was thinking of self-learning some economics, as I suddenly felt interested with it after watching numerous “Lang XianPing Shuo” lecture on youtube. I even got myself a “Economics for Dummies” from the library.

Gosh I don’t know how to find the time to read it…

Of course I’d shunt the idea of jack of all trades, master of none.



As for my beloved family, it’s been ever so fantastic and rosy. Everyone ’s happy, healthy and doing well. Maybe it’s the nature of our up-bringing, of able to live simple, thrifty, and grateful with what we have.

Dad has thru the years, instilled values and discipline in ourselves, which I can recall, made superb decisions in the past. An average family is rich when the family is balanced, happy and peaceful...

Everybody’s making an effort for the family. I enjoy their company, especially when my siblings and I are at home.

I’ll always remember this period of my life, for the rest of my life, that I’ve a wonderful and fantastic family.

No, I would not exchange anything for that. Not even for a million dollars… You just can’t walk in the diamond dealer’s shop and buy “a happy, caring and loving family” can’t you?

Till then my friends.

Take care.

Time to zzz...


Ice said...

Reli admire you, and salute you, having a happy family, fully utilize yourself with work & studies & play, and having a clear path of wat u want in life.

I nvr doubt that you will be such a successful person. Take k, n all the best!

weeser said...

Mutual respect i guess? You are doing great too~

Time flies huh?


Bryan Khoo Seng Kiew said...

Bro... so happy to see you have such a positive life :)
You have passion in your job, and always prepare to learn more and enjoy life. Your life is motivating to other peers. Remember to share some what you learn in economics ya. all the best, take care

weeser said...

You take care too bro~ All the best!