Sunday, April 3, 2011


Nothing much actually. Just wanna jot something down as time passes me by. Had been stressed out for the last 2 weeks due to exams. I believe I've only myself to blame for doing revision at the eleventh hour. (Gosh after all these years!) Saying that, I managed to sneak out to KL last weekend for some photo shooting.

Banana Ong at Golden Triangle

It's the F1 season again

Tony's team

Mokhzani's Porsche - Well he holds its AP what~

But in life, it's not all gold that glitters.

And there are much things money can't buy


I think great moments in my life, besides being with my family, is:

- The post-examination feeling, and that you knew you did okay in the exam. Sounds pathetic, but it really is.

- Watching Top Gear on Youtube. Man those 3 whackos really make me laugh~ You guys rock.

While moments that aren't that cherished are when you:

- Forgets to save your word documents after so much effort, and failed in vain, in your attempt to recovery it.

- Lost old photographs that you thought you had back-them up.

- And I haven't been to any backpack, climbed any mountains, do any adventurous stuffs (besides the Jeram Besu company team building). And that's 10 months already!


Obviously, I sound so like a geek.

But rest assured, now it's time for me to get back to civilization, do some catch up with friends, do some sight seeing, and continue with my hobbies.

I've abandoned all plannings for both my Cambodia and Burma backpack come July and September. So it's time to do some research.

I've also abandoned my legs. They felt so disorientated yesterday at INTI futsal court. Gosh I felt like so hapless seeing those Indonesian students zooming past me like, ermm... Taufu.

And, it's also time to go home. Dad just came back from his 3 weeks "expedition" in China, where he lost his cell-phone, could not use his credit card (barred by the stupid bank because he didn't register or so), and slept at Changi Airport for a whole night on his way back. That led me to invent the words of wisdom:

<20 years old, parents worry about the children; >20 years old, the child worries about the parents.

A quiet-loner at times, my just-retired "everything-is-simple-in-life" dad has been nothing but fantastic during my up-bringing. (My siblings included)

I've no doubt I grew up the best possible way I could imagine. And it's time for me (to stop going home like evey 6 months once) to be home more often.

As, a house is definitely not a home. The children has to come home.


Still dreaming for my chance.

London Bridge is Falling Down?