Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Power System Protection

I am in awe. (Or partially regret I registered for this course?)

How do you expect someone to become a protection engineer within 4 months; spending <3 id="SPELLING_ERROR_0" class="blsp-spelling-corrected">comprehensive in my uni life.

One Associate Prof (tx protection, relaying), two technical expert from TNB (Busbar protection, cap. bank and unit, distance protection), and a retiring-looking (and always talking to himself) "Dato" (Yup, he's so called knighted in Malaysia) teaching about generator and motor protection.

All in 13 weeks.

And finals is in 5 days time.

How on earth I'm to digest so much of engineering?

All these people are competent and unforgivingly good in their daily work.

No doubt, I've learned things for a whole year.

Seriously, it's nothing like those boring "theoretical/on the paper/everything is ideal case" classroom lecture.

My only consolation I guess....

Definitely flung my mid-term.

Judging from all the notes, pass year, and assignments, the odds are not good.

And did I mention this is the first time I lament about my up coming exam?

I seriously don't know how to walk out the exam hall come Monday.


ykuen said...

haha ... 加油吧!:)

weeser said...