Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

As pathetic as it seems, I’ve abandoned this once my beloved blog for quite some time.

Life’s been fine lately.

I started training my (hopeless badminton skills) after work twice a week.

AND, one of the bigger news: Fb actually “re-union-ized” my standard six classmates, which I hadn’t met for like, 12 years? It's always great to catch up with old friends.

Gosh!!! 12 years already? And a second generation of rabbits are to be born soon~

On a Valentine’s Day night, I’m mugging my books for a (killer) test this Friday. Man, this is really a killer (Power Systems Protection).

So I guess it isn’t easy doing part time studies after all… At times its hard to concentrate studying after work. As, after a long day of work, you just wanna catch some documentaries, strum some guitar or just hid in that thick blanket and dream into no man's land. But a few of my friends (who are even more pre-occupied) could score flying colours... Proving that hard work is always the key to success.

And it’s the second time I’ve got work-related training coming heads on with a test. The last time round, I had finals on a Wednesday afternoon (a 3 hours paper). And on the Monday and Tuesday before it, I had training at Park Royal Hotel, KL, and my senior’s own on-job-training on Wednesday morning. Went to exam that afternoon itself…

My head was filled with more gas turbine thingy rather than Engineering Diagnostic Tools for the exam. Luckily I managed to pass the paper unscathered.

Today was the last day of work for my senior – Mr Jason Ng Yan Fu.

One of the earliest Genting scholars I knew (as early as in 2005), he was the one who first brought me to Kuala Langat Power Plant, en route to the company’s team building in Endau Rompin National Park, Pahang.

An avid photographer and a former national back-up badminton player

Well Jason has been a fantastic senior and friend all these years, and I’d like to wish him all the best in his new career in Hong Kong.

Maybe I’ll yet have the chance to hang out at Lam Kwai Fong once again?

That’s about it I guess… I’m seriously behind schedule on my revision.

Hopefully come April, I can sail thru this semester safely.

Looking forward for an exciting year of tour – Tioman (May), Cambodia (July) and Myanmar (September).

See ya~

Ps: Would try my best to revive this blog.