Sunday, January 9, 2011

9th Jan

I am happy with my life.

I have a wonderful family.

I have my parents, who are proud of me.

I have fantastic friends.

I have a good job with good career prospect.

I have very helpful and caring (and competant) colleagues.

I have extraordinary role models to look upon and learn from (Gary Robert, Dr Philip to name a few).

I have achieved most of the targets in life I set myself for in the past.

I have a satisfying car.

I have a (strong and) healthy body (free from any sickness).

I have enough $$$ to spend.

I have been to lots of places (around south east asia).

I have been to almost all the states in Peninsular and East Malaysia (except Kelantan and Perlis).

I have more places to go lining up in my diary.

I have climbed Mount Kinabalu.

I have nothing more to ask for.

The more I count my blessings, the more I feel thankful and contented with my life.

I am prepared to strive and work harder in life.

Have a great 2011 friends~


kae vin said...

I think I can just copy your list and publish it in my blog :P

and my readers will come commenting

eh, where's your girl friend.


weeser said...


Gud point...

Anonymous said...


I begin on internet with a directory