Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simple Life, Simple Dreams.

Recently I see many people around me doing once in a life time things or enjoying tremendous success.

First my roommate of 4.5 years in uni days continued his Masters in the UK under JPA scholarship. I’ll be very honest that this was what I ever really wanted in life, but I’m denied even a slimmest chance to dream about it.

Then my buddy from JB went on a work-and-travel in some National Park in The US for 3 months plus, posting those wonderful photos on Facebook. Man, and it’s snowing in the US now. I’d always wonder when I’ll see the first scene of snow.

Then my senior of 3 years at my plant just got hijacked by another company, where his new company paid his (yet to mature) full scholarship bond of 100+ buckets in order to secure my senior’s services. He’ll travel around the world servicing Gas Turbine control systems.

I see my primary school (female) friend being part-time model and joining some modeling competition or so, dressing in swimsuits and etc. Seems like inevitably, she’s going to get famous!

All the best peeps!


As for myself, I’d just spent 2 days in my rented room in Nilai (surrounded with hills and thick woods), basically cleaning up my room, changing my car signal light cover (after it was crushed by my neighbor), watched 2 Johny Depp movies (Public Enemy and Alice in The Wonderland), some random reading, eat and sleep…

My housemates and colleagues are back in their hometowns. It seems I am the only outcast in the house. I go for my meals alone, with an E&T magazine (sent from UK IET) to keep me occupied.

Life’s good huh.

I had 2 full days of rest after what was a very hectic week for me. Though I’ve been busier and more pre-occupied in my life before, I still enjoyed this weekend very much.

On weekdays, my day starts at 7.10am.

After work on Mondays, I’d go to Uniten for my part time Masters lecture with my buddy and colleague – Saifu. Well I’m not sure for next semester though.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to the company gym. I make sure I go through all the sets and every session at the gym will take about 1.5 hours, leaving not even one muscle “unturned”.

Time seems to pass me by faster then ever. Every month when I get my pay slip, I need to religiously pay for all sorts of bills. Wonder when will I get rich?

Simple and routine life I guess. Robert Kyiosake calls it the rat race.

I once saw myself meeting new people everyday, challenging myself week in week out. But nowadays, what I see everyday is 2 GE gas turbines, with my well-respected supervisor and operators.

Occasionally there will be problems in the plant, and we’d work continuously for a few weeks. But with the experienced seniors and supervisors in the plant, we’d able to rectify what’s in our way.

As a greenhorn, I am nothing more than an apprentice doing the odd jobs like carrying the correct tools (spana, screw drivers), photostating diagrams, climbing into confined-space for inspection, connecting and disconnecting wires…

It’s more like learning than working at times.

Contrary to many thoughts, I actually like my job, and most of the mates I work with. There’s a lot of engineering to discover and appreciate.

My life, actually has never been simpler and common.

I’ve forgotten since when my perception of life had changed.

I used to be unforgivingly geared up for everything. Well I am still like that actually, it’s just that maybe, I learn to accept things easier.

It’s like Fernando Torres (a World Cup and Euro Championship winner with Spain) waking up in the morning seeing Liverpool in the relegation zone. He’s got to pick himself up and grab the chance to shine when the slimmest opportunity comes by.

I guess that’s what I’ll place my navigator towards.

I’ve been living quite frugal lately, besides the crazy farewell party for my senior at Neway Puchong last Thursday. 5 hours non-stop sing-k, with few bottles of Kampai!

My car is getting ever so old. My neighbour crashed her Proton Perdana onto my car 2 weeks back, where my Saga came out unscathered besides a broken signal cover while her Perdana was in a messier state.

Mom and dad keep nagging me to change a better car. But I am quite sure that firstly, this old metal junk still can work. And secondly, I simply can't, at this period of life, though maybe I'm fairly capable of, getting a new intermediate car like Saga or Persona.

One of my proudest achievement in life is that upon graduation, I am a debt free man. I can proudly confess since the day I left home for university, I was always able to financially support myself, lightening my parents' burden, so that my siblings could have more.

But quite pitifully, my extra pocket money was spent for those mountain climbing trips and numerous backpack tours. (Makes me a laugh a little when seniors ask me where all the extra money went)

So, I don't owe anyone anything (besides the scholarship bond I'm fulfilling now).

When I see my car, I always think to myself: “Man, I don’t mind what people think, really.” When the foreman at the car shop asked whether I had a newer car and that this old metal junk was just a sub, I just told him that “if people are your friends because of what car you drive or don’t drive, then it’s better if you have find friends.”

I admit I sound a little naive in this realistic world.

But let me re-verse what Johnny Depp said in Public Enemy:

“It’s not where you come from that’s important. It’s where you’re going to go that’s important.”

Tomorrow is Monday. It’s a new week again.



Boon Heng said...

Well Said~! xD

Jason C said...

Bro... All you need is to change your thinking and dream big! Cheers :)

ykuen said...

we ganbate together ... cheers ~ :)

weeser said...

BH: Thanks man.

Jason: Haha... True, true.

Ykuen: U too... Jia you ba~

Leo said...

Nice post ! Which plant you're working in now WeeSer??

weeser said...

I work at genting sanyen, Kuala Langat Power Plant, near Sepang...

Maybe we can organize a plant exchange visit? To increase our knowledge and understanding..

Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

cheer up! lol long time never visit your blog. Glad you are doing well. =)


weeser said...

Thanks CHew~ See u soon.

Anonymous said...

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