Monday, September 6, 2010


Finally, I’ll be on the way home this Friday.

A conventional traveler I believe, being away for almost 5 months, working, studying, re-joining an NGO. Sometimes I feel a little numb really, as time seems to past faster then I imagined.

The very fact that I like to join different activities from climbing mountains to becoming volunteers of NGOs tag me as someone who’s outgoing, and adventurous doesn’t deter my affection to be where I belong – home, the place I grew up and learned my very first skills.

But as the days go by, I’d have different commitments, work, and targets to accomplish, making home a distance far.

Sometimes, I really doubt if I can handle these pressure and challenges in life... It's always easy commending others, besides yourself.

Happier and fruitful days are far in between. Last Saturday was one.

I left my company apartment in Sepang for my aunt’s place in Balakong in the morning.

Then, I visited my old buddy – Banana Ong at Setapak for lunch. Haven’t been meeting this Atlantiz Bully/Leader since Chinese New Year. He’d just came back form a NGO activity, that saw him going to Chiang Mai, and smuggled into Mymmar (Burma), to help a local “Militant” village. These “Militants” are without nationality, driven out, and being branded outcast by the Mymmar government.

So just imagine yourself bringing in human aid into some jungle at the Thai-Mymmar border protected by M-16s…

Hopefully Banana Ong brings me there next year.

After meeting him, I went over to UTAR Setapak for IET Malaysia YMS AGM. I’d volunteered myself to become normal committee member. But unfortunately, I was “re-nominated”, and at the end of the day, took the position as Treasurer.

I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but I have doubts of myself. I mean, I just started working for 3 months, and am doing my Masters study part time, and now I am involved in an NGO, with some high ranking position, meaning a heavier responsibility. Honestly speaking, I have no ambition in going for high position, and am quite confused why can’t they find more suitable candidates than me.

Anyway, I’ll still try my best and contribute to the institution. Man, I’m getting ready for an “exciting” and bumpy year ahead.

So you see, life’s becoming more and more challenging nowadays, and my home's getting further and further away…

In the evening, I met my cousin sister – Wee Hong, with my 3 young nephews at Taman Melawati, a stone’s throw from UTAR.

Wee Hong’s an outstanding career woman, who holds a 1st class Hons. in BA from UKM a decade ago. She stayed at my house in JB when she first started working in a bank when I was like in primary school.

She’s a manager with a bank in KL, and took the task of looking after her 3 kids while their dad has job commitment overseas in South Africa.

Goodness, were my 3 nephews happy to see a visitor at their home. I brought my cousin and the 3 kids to Jusco in Wangsa Maju for a night out. The kids loved it.

And I loved the way the kids enjoyed themselves, as my cousin sister wouldn’t have thought of bringing them out alone… You kids nowadays are hyperactive, and within seconds they’d disappear in front of you!

So I guess this is family. My cousin sister did look after me and my siblings when we hardly know how to walk. So now when I know how to drive, I try to bring some laughter to her family.

I guess that’s the essence of being in a big family. It’s something money can’t buy.

That’s why I’ll go home this Friday and have a much needed holiday till next Tuesday.

Home is where I belong.

No matter how far I've gone


Tan Chia Hui said...

Bro.... salute u man! hahha... multi tasking... I kinda envy tat u can handle all those at a time.

Anyway... all d best! I'm proud to have a friend like u. =)

kae vin said...

you are just simply awesome! :D

and you just went to my Alma Mater!

Such happening people. Wish I could meet up with u one day :)

weeser said...

Chia Hui: U are great too... You have strong determination in what u do. And that was how u got yourself in HK!

Great to be your housemate for 2 years~

KV: Actually i m just a normal guy like you bro. All the best to you too~

I believe everyone has the potential to achieve success in life.