Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes. What you're seeing really is.

My uninspiring Monday afternoon tooked a 360 degrees turn when I received this mail from yK, my friend from UMT Marine Studies Dept.

It wrote:

Hi, do u have any friends interested in SEATRU volunteer program in Chagar Hutang, Redang island? cause Seatru need volunteer in October. The schedule is as follow:

1. 2 - 9 Oct 2010 (Booked)
2. 9 - 16 Oct 2010
3. 16 - 23 Oct 2010
4. 23 - 30 Oct 2010

Each slot need 3/4 person, and each person need to pay only RM50. During that time, seatru volunteer program is closed dy, so need other volunteers going in. By that time is almost monsoon, hence not much turtles will be coming up to nest.

(RM50 included 1 week accommodation, foods, ferry go in & out Redang, and transport from UMT to Merang Jetty. Transport to UMT is by your own)

If anyone interested, please inform me. Thank you.
Oh my god!!!

Oh my god!!!

Oh my god!!!

Firstly, it's a chance for me to escape from my current ##### life!

Secondly, isn't it cheap! The normal rate for students is RM300 and for working adults is RM500. NOW IT'S RM50 for this period of time!

For a week! At Redang Island! I mean how frequent when someone asks you to go out into wilderness (away from all the telecommunication radiation and air pollution caused by vehicles) and charge you Rm 50???

Last but not least, it's the objective for me to be there - Looking after those hyperactive yet innocent baby turtles, protecting them from harms way, preventing turtle eggs from being stolen and sold at the pasar tani or road side.

I believe it's a noble thing to do, and it's (a rare occasion and opportunity) for me to contribute to mother nature, again.

No charity is too small.

Well, I am still dwelling on it at the moment. The reason, unfortunately is that I've quite a packed October, both on my work and studies.

It would be a match in heaven if they open a slot for 30/10 to 7/11!

On the spot I'd confirm myself from 30/10 to 7/11~

Ps1: I do not need to elaborate how fantastic this volunteer program is. Just refer to what I did just 5 months back @

Ps2: Oh my god! What an email!


blursylvia said...

Is there any requirement for this program?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant web site, I had not noticed earlier during my searches!
Carry on the superb work!

weeser said...

Wen XIu: No requirements... You dun even need to know how to swim! What u need is the commitment and mental strength to complete your task given...

Try going to for more info~

I think you'll like it~

Schuan said...

U should take a week off and go!! haha

blursylvia said...

I would love it!!
However my time crash with it.. =(
How nice if it is in Nov.