Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life Success Story - Hugo Tan

I just saw my roommate-turn-housemate (for 4.5 years) – Cheun Hang (CH) off at KLIA just now.

This mate of mine is a life example of success story. Guess I’m qualified to tell this story, as for the passed 5 years, I’ve been staying with him (and sharing toilet too)!

I met CH, who was an ordinary student like myself during Orientation Week in UNITEN back in 2005. I could still remember it was at College Of IT, and this guy, looked rather rugged and “cool” sat beside me (on the floor) during a briefing session.

I can’t remember much though, besides that he could speak perfect English (with grammars and the "tenses" perfectly in place).

And I think that was the advantage that later brought him high and far.

Then I met another mate Boon Heng (BH) and the 3 of us often hang out together (of course with another splendid guy, BH’s elder brother Boon Leong).

CH wasn’t the fastest learner in class.

He basically did everything we normally do e.g. play sports (but stopped after 1st year), play games like dota, go clubbing, climb through the fence at our hostel to watch football, drink Guinness Stout + Egg… And tonnes of craps.

But one thing was for sure, he was very hardworking. I remember as Foundation students, we shared the same curricular. (He’s a Civil guy, and I’m Electrical) We’ll study in the room for tests and quizzes, and whenever he has a question, he’ll make sure he finds out the answer. He could "camp" in the room for the whole day! (And that's a compliment)

It was a time when BH was on a Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN) scholarship and I was on a Genting Sanyen Power (GSP) scholarship, leaving CH alone having to fork out money for his studies. He saw the need to work hard to lighten his parents' burden, and look for a sponsor, and I could still remember, for Foundation year, we worked really hard together.

It was also a time that we walked to the food court for dinner (until I got my motorbike in the 2nd semester) and missed home very much. In ourselves we promised to bring home success one day.

1st year came with a JPA scholarship for CH for his outstanding academic results. And my, he was flattered! BH and myself were treated with Sushi King at Mines as a deal!!!

From then on, CH never looked back. He doubled his effort and for the 1st 2 years, buried himself within books during normal days, shutting the rest of activities and stuffs alike. And with a strong academic record, he was well versed with subjects in Civil Engineering and Maths.

He became one of the top Civil Eng. students.

During the end of 2nd year if I’m not mistaken, he started joining AIESEC UPM and activities that will train his interpersonal skills and ultimately made him an all-rounder (but sports~). I though he did best when he foundered the Institution of Civil Engineering Uniten Student Chapter. Fantastic achievement I must say. It’s not easy going through all the red tapes in our uni.

After the heydays, CH will be back at his desk, often until mid-night, going through course materials and the tutorials without fail. I’ve no doubt he’d finished all those brain-damaging tutorial questions at least twice before finals. Nothing would shake his determination to finish what he’d set out to accomplish.

Before all of you starting to imagine CH as a nerd or geek, I’ve got to tell you it’s actually the opposite. Maybe he’d know how to play to the maximum (and did stupid things like drifting at the car park, burning car tyres thru "drafting" or…), and chose not to, in order to achieve goals in life.

It’s different with people who are like, totally a bookworm. He’s got a stable relationship of 8 years (Long distance some more)! Not easy huh!

So I think, what we can learn from him, is that, there’s no limit in this world. We’ve got to work really really hard, and give our best in anything we do. Because, we will never know what is in store round the corner. We should always be vigilant and not get influenced by others, because at the end of the day, what you sow is what you get.

Life's fair in that sense.

CH worked really hard and here's the reward for it! A JPA scholarship to do Masters in Civil Engineering at Cranfield University (Located 1 Hour from London).

If he can do it, anyone of us can do it too~

I can boldly bet with anyone, on that faithful day when I 1st talked to this Sitiawan guy 5 years ago, he never in his wildest dreams imagined that he'll be on a MAS flight now to the UK!

A life example for us to savour and appreciate.

Bon voyage my friend, and see you in a year and a half’s time!

The good old days (somewhere 2006 I guess?)


Tan Chia Hui said...

hahaha... totally agree with the statement. he seems like a bookworm yet he's not. LOL!

weeser said...

Kinda deny it anyway~~~

Great to have u as a housemate too bro...

Gud luck in Hong Kong.

BH said...

gosh~! u spelled his name wrongly... xD

weeser said...

Then it means his name is wrong in my phone book la...

Which means I got it wrong since foundation time~

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