Thursday, August 19, 2010


For the 2nd day running, I am staying back in office in order to finish my EDT course assignment with my mate. Until 11pm again?

Nothing wrong working and studying (part time)... In fact, I like doing research on subjects of my field very much. It pushes me to understand more about engineering. And my, it's an extremely wide field with unlimited knowledge and resources to study and appreciate.

It's just that, I've to be more disciplined and hard working. While people can get home at 6pm, have a nice dinner and enjoy the rest of the night, I need to continue "working" on my Masters course. Thank God it's something I have interest in!

Nothing wrong working slightly harder when you're young~

I used to be quite hectic during uni life... I used to be committee member of societies here and there (of course along side capable and very helpful friends and comrades). I thought I juggled everything quite well. Though I always had dark-eye-bags year-in year-out, academically I was still coping quite well. I learned a lot during those days working with different people in clubs and societies. To be honest, I was quite well known in uni (at that time). *Wink*

I did let-go everything during third and final year to live the life I wanted. I saw a girl (without veil), I toured around Malaysia, I went backpacking (in Vietnam for 11 days), I climbed no less than 4 mountains (1 in Sabah, 2 in Terengganu, a few smaller ones in Cheras) and I went to a few islands, and I had a great time doing my research on my final year project.

I had a great 2 years of uni life, being not tied down with heavy responsibilities and extra-curricular commitments.

Maybe, just maybe, that now, it's the time to get my hibernated engine moving again. Besides giving my best in my job, I thought of joining some organizations, do well in my studies, learn a little about investment and etc.

I think standing at 23, this must be a time to work and strive towards a better future.

I planned to go back to my hometown during Independence Day (take 1 day off and get 5 days leave). But an outage at my power plant during that period kinda leave me with no choice but to stay back. I ought to learn more and sacrifice a little as a greehorn ya.

So I again "postponed" my "home-coming" till Hari Raya period. Hopefully I can get home this time.

Really am missing my home after 4 months away...

Haven't give my parents any "pocket-money" yet! What the heck am I doing?

PS1: Oh I hope Fernando Torres could play a little in tonight's insignificant UEFA Cup match!


kae vin said...

What a purpose-driven life. :)

weeser said...


Average life anyway.