Monday, July 19, 2010

Turtle Adventure (Part 5) - The Best of Fun

Besides looking at turtles, waiting for turtles, studying on turtles, dreaming of turtles, understanding turtles... And the list goes on...

We had other activities...




Walking 10 minutes for a prawn-spa in the jungle

Introducing - The prawn

My friend She-Yong actually took this picture!

Nice evening out in the jungle

We also did some jungle trekking and climbed a few "rocks".


Which is an activity not for the faint-hearted

But as always, the higher you go, the better the views


One wrong step and I'd been gone

Nevertheless, we had a great time up in on the "rocks".

They call this place "Turtle Rock" mountains

Chagar Hutang in the background

Quite a satisfying shot eh?

There's still something lacking during my trip to Redang Island.

Yup~ Snorkeling!

Just swim out from the beach... 50 meters...

And you'll start seeing the underwater world

After my friends left on Thursday during the week, I went out to sea again we Chuan on Friday. The staffs were away with their prayers or stuffs. And we did some acrobatic performance underwater.

I could take nice photos underwater too? Chuan will thank me for this

V - V

My friend Kuen took the below photos in the islands nearby (Pulau Paku, Pulau Tiga)... She was able to shoot and record these views (with her waterproof Canon DSLR) I saw with my very own eyes when I snorkeled there.

Good job.

The brainiac

Christmas tree



And everybody agrees!


kae vin said...

argh I wish I was there.

and the underwater dslr, was there a water proof casing or the camera itself was waterproof?

wee ser said...

Haha... You can try to go there la bro.

The camera use casing... rm900+... If not mistaken, it's a 1000D Canon.

ykuen said...

er ... actually my camera not DSLR ... jz the CANON powershot series with the underwater casing ... :)

wee ser said...

So i think it's a canon power shot with a dslr quality la...