Saturday, July 3, 2010

Turtle Adventure (Part 4) - The Turtles

So my never ending post about my 1 week volunteer work at Chagar Hutang, Redang Island continues.

There are 2 types of sea turtles that nest on this island - The green turtle, and the hawksbill.

Click to see more clearly

Yes??? Mrs Green Turtle in the house

I was lucky enough to join Kuen and Fifi out at sea on the second day. Kuen's a Masters student needing sea turtle blood samples.

First time see turtles swimming

And get caught red-handed

Searching for turtles - Manta tow method (string tied to the speed boat)

While Fifi and Kuen were in the water, I became the speed-boat-driver, first time in my life.

My "driving" teacher

A green-turtle on board

You could see how hot it was! But it was worthwhile

Releasing the turtle (Too fast, couldn't snap the picture)

Back on the beach we also had "near contact" with lots of baby turtles.

This turtle is about 3 year old



Cute and adorable

Basket-full (100+ of baby turtles)

Was a busy basket

The baby turtles were scrambling for one direction

And suddenly one of them succeed

It's not hard to understand why they're so desperate

As, home is where all of us belong

Ps: Completed first month of working. Still manageable, but I have a lot to learn... It's still the beginning of a long long journey.


Tan Chia Hui said...

aiseh... brother u're SO DARK!!! hahaha

ykuen said...

Thanks for your help as well :) ... i like the hatching photo, nice ... especially the one that climb up to the basket one ...

wee ser said...

Chia Hui: Wei bradel... Of course la... 5 days in Phuket + 7 days at REdang...

U say ler?

Kuen: No probs! Really nice knowing someone like you! Hope to see u again.

kae vin said...

wow it is really nice! I wish I could join the program someday!