Friday, July 23, 2010

Turtle Advanture (Part 6) - Finale

My never-ending post has come to an end.

I experienced a lot during the one week at Redang Island. It's hard to describe what I've went thru, really.

The turtle beach was cool

The turtles were also cool

My friends were cool - I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of peeps out in the wilderness

Every one of the volunteers in my slot, my new found friends were always willing to help, and contributed in a way or another. They're good people, kind, and unselfish.

Most importantly, I mixed well with them! They treated me like their own gang of friends! I felt so at home really.

The stress-less and calm life at Chagar Hutang was one not to forget.

Life's good out in the wild

I carried my newly bought camera everywhere

Taking shots which I deem worthwhile and "of essence"

Everyone who've been to this beach will agree...

That it's a paradise on earth

For sea-creatures and humans alike

2010 Volunteer Slot H group photo

Good-bye Chagar Hutang...

The road back was kinda heavy

Merang Jetty, Terengganu

Turtle House at UMT

So when I look back the days I spent at some deserted turtle island, I remember only the heavenly shoreline, wonderful people and

The fantastic things I've done

and saw with my own eyes

Chagar Hutang at Redang Island...

Till then

Ps: Yesterday's papers said the authorities are closing some coral reeve sites around Malaysia, including Redang Island. Hopefully they can protect our marine life, manage and preserve it, before it's too late. Somethings in life, when you lose it, you'll lose it forever.