Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My 3rd Life

2nd day of work...

My job - Operation Engineer (Gas Turbine)

Yup, it's something new, and BIG. But I like it. The big GE machines are cool. (I think those are what tough guys do)

But there's a lot of things to learn. Lot's of user manuals to read. Loads of understanding to grasp.

No FB and MSN during work. ("Banned" at power plant) No internet connection at company hostel...

We have to "intercept" someone's wireless connection. (I wonder why these people don't want put password)

Can't even share my Redang "turtle" pictures on FB. Do bear with me peeps.

Can't do anything...

Currently reading Nelson Mandela's latest autobiography during spare time.

Will be back in Serdang this weekend.

Yum cha? Futsal? Movie?


kae vin said...

so tough guy, where are you working in? :)

crusader said...

Haha... Dun call me like tat.

I work for Genting Sanyen Power at Kuala Langat Power Plant, Sepang.