Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sony Alpha Basic Workshop, JB

I am back in JB again.

Yesterday I went for the Sony Alpha Basic Workshop at Mutiara Hotel (aka Holiday Inn JB). It's a workshop for DSLR greenhorns like myself. Everyone who buys a Sony Alpha DSLR can join workshops like this for free.

John Shum, a Sony photographer from KL gave a good workshop

John with his A900

Demo session

Took a shot on me?

I tried to learn as much as I can

After the workshop, there was a model shooting session. Goodness me, it was the first time I really touch and get to know my camera, and straight away shoot models?

I took like 300 shots and all were far from acceptable.

So I ended up shooting other cameramen shooting models

At the end, with my limited skills and photography ability, I have:

The Banana Ong effect

The call girl (This photo look a little too dark?)

Well, it was an eventful afternoon. Learned quite a lot to be honest. Say hello to my new found hobby.

Ps: Had a great time in Phuket Island. Can wait to blog about the 5 day trip... Still waiting for more photos though.


banana ong said...

wat the hell banana ong effect la~ wow~ where u got this talk? free?

wow~ i saw some real hot babes in ur phuket trip~ i mean those mat salleh~

cruSadER said...

Hahah... The effect you teach me at McD tat day ar... We go see Man Utd match tat day...

The workshop is free... For Sony users.

Walao.... Still need to say meh? Phuket ler... U think Desaru meh?