Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back from the Wilderness

I came back (to civilization) only last night.

Reached KL from KT at around 10.30pm.

1 whole week without computer, without handphone, without facebook, without emails...

But, I must have had one of the most special week in my life, accompanying numerous sea turtles in Redang Island, on the remote and serene beach of Chagar Hutang.

I met a fantastic group of friends, who'd erase any fear of me being a lonely soul on the island.

The facilities were way beyond my expectations.

It was an eye-opener. It's an experience never again.

I promise to upload the pictures and blog as soon as possible.

But I am starting work on Tuesday, and am staying at my aunt's place in Balakong without internet...

But really, it was a great experience.

More (turtles) to come


kae vin said...

argh cute turtles! I was holding one of these at Pantai Keracut years ago.

weeser said...

Yaya... They were very adorable~

Especially when they start to swim...