Friday, April 9, 2010

FYP Awards

Me and my best mate boon heng were dumped out of the final year project competition...

My deepest regret seeing my good friends Nguyen Ngoc Tho and Ping Yew's effort overlooked as well. I could see the effort and disappointment in you guys. I believe amongst ourselves, we know who're the ones who are capable and really outstanding.

To be honest, I believed that we did a good job. Maybe others did better. Congrats to the winners.

It's just that different people have different judgment and opinion. It's very subjective at times.

Anyway, it's already an accolade getting nominated for the awards.

No sweat and regrets really.


I didn't really expect to win anything, my supervisor pinned high hopes on us. I was more concerned in coming out a good thesis, which is due next week.

I wanna thank my supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr Vigna Kumaran for everything. Seriously, it's a great pleasure working under him. Really learned a lot from such a successful person.

Thanks sir. I enjoyed doing my project very much, and strongly believe I can't find a supervisor better than you. I really appreciate everything you did for the passed 2 semesters.

Ps: 1 more week in KL to settle all outstanding stuffs... It's time to go home.


Ivan said...

Cheers dude... being nominated is considered a recognition... :)

crusader said...

THanks mate...