Friday, April 2, 2010

Dig Deep

Yup, that's my current expression.

I just finished my last paper yesterday mid-day. So there you go... 16 years of exams... Hopefully it's the last of them.

To be honest, I had to work very hard for every single paper in the past. For if I was relaxed or complacent, I always did badly... My mediocre result proves it.

Everytime I walk out of the exam hall, my brain is exhausted... Solid 3 hours. Sometimes I am even able to "learn" and understand new concepts during exams (when I was younger)! Kinda learn new things in other words. I can't recall any papers that I could have the pleasure to come out early, confidently, all these years.

I always had to work my socks out...

At least I get what I want, and am still pleased and satisfied with myself. You know, I not those who expect a lot.

A half day rest yesterday, and I am back to work again.

A "new challenge" by my supervisor at the eleventh hour. And that I was lucky enough to meet him just now in Uni. So with everybody going out partying and having a jolly time, I was in the midst of my research. Whole day in front of the computer Google-ling...

Thank god it's a field that interest me.

Anyone can tell me "Why when we increase the amplitude or frequency of the modulation wave in PWM, it will cause Harmonics to increase at the inverter output"? In layman's term...

I'll give you a handsome treat.

No choice, last minute work.

Physically from the mirror, I looked really exhausted and tired. Not at all young and fit... Reminds me of those "swollen eyes" hard days during 1st and 2nd year.

Overworking myself?

Naahhhh.... It's the spirit and drive that'll bring us far. It's in me to walk the extra mile.

I guess in front of every success story, there are countless of hardwork and failures.

And that's what I am going thru now.

It's the last hurdle.

Ps: I really need a break after I hand up my thesis on 16.4.2010. Should be driving back to JB then. Hopefully my car can make it!


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