Friday, April 23, 2010

1 Week

Today is Friday.

Which means I've actually been home for one whole week, practically doing nothing.

For the first few days, I played host to Ah Fong, who was at my place to help his girl - Luyeen shift out from UTM after grad. I found out that actually she and her bunch of UTM friends actually hang out at Tmn Tun Aminah quite a lot, and basically know where and what the nice food are!

Goodness, I didn't know my place is famous for "三合一年糕" and "炸榴莲"!

Well, besides bringing them around, or basically them bringing me around my home town, I spend my time at home, reading good books, surfing the net, learning about the (complicated) DSLR, watching average 1 movie/day, and eating anything I can find at home.

What a life!

I also resumed my career as a footballer... There is a public futsal court a stone's throw (like 50 steps) from my house, and what beats me is that, not a lot of kids nowadays get out there and do sports. I guess all of them are simply glued in front of the PC or PlayStation or some sorts. I'd spend my evenings there if it had been build earlier (then 3-08 election last year). I also went in UTM and played at K9 a few days back, with LiChiat's friends. Though I feel heavier nowadays, thankfully my pace and (sufficient) skills are still intact.

Tomorrow morning at 7.30am, me and my Atlantiz mates will make the futsal court near my place ours. Looking forward to see everyone again, since CNY.

It's a much needed life after all the stress and tension yield from my final semester. Thank god everything is settled.

It's good to be home. And one thing, the weather in JB is fantastic. It rains so frequently! The weather is much much cooler than in KL. Sunshine is only a few hours per day, making it somehow precious.

How good if I can stay and work here. But it's not going to happen. Destiny (and contract agreement) got me posted at some remote areas near Sepang. Nothing bad though, it's actually a good opportunity to learn and experience.

While I have the luxury of lazing and gazing into thin air, I have a few friends who've started working. Some have to even work on Saturdays... Goodness me, that sounds pathetic at first sight. I mean, can't you guys just enjoy any last bit of holidays still available in our soon-to-become boring working life?

But coming to think about it, the working world is a different world. So it doesn't sum up as a choice anyway. So congrats and all the best to those who have already found a job or started working, and good luck to those who are attending interviews. Same goes to many other friends of mine who are having internship and industrial training too.

Time flies, and I am already 23. Never really thought this day would come ever so quickly.

For the time being, I'll just enjoy my life! Once in a life time.