Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Chapter

Today is special.

1 year Foundation Program. 4 years Degree Program.

Passed without a whisker.

Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. University Tenaga Nasional. 

I wasn't sure if my life was on this path then 5 years back.

But now, it's in me. My interest and passion.

Like many, I left home for an unknown place hoping for a better future.

I can still remember the first day I stepped into the lecture hall 5 years back in COE. Mdm Noreliza's Calculus class.

Today, I walked out my last class and tasted the last moment as an undergraduate student.

That's quite a long way.

Never really imagined this day would come.

Gone are my days as a student.

I sincerely thank all my lecturers and friends. Without all of you, I wouldn't have made it till today.

Life was very hard at first. But as the days rolled by, it became better, and gradually became one the best days in my life.

It's a fantastic 5 years all in all.

Never again.

The last class (Artificial Intelligence) - A picture to cherish


I woke up this morning with more purpose.

I thought I've enjoyed my time for quite long already. 2 happy and carefree years maybe?

I've been living a slow pace and contented life for quite some time.

It's time to start pushing hard for the future and give my best from today onwards.

This reminds me of a scene from 赤壁 (Red Cliff) when 周瑜 told an uninspired and un-confident 孙权 to join forces with 刘备 to defend and fight against 曹操, still so vividly painted in my mind:


This, is my last shot to strive.


Rina (◕‿◕)✿ said...

gudluck weeser! study hard for the last :) nice knowing u. hope we will meet again in the future ;)

cruSadER said...

Thanks RIna. GUd luck to you too~

Nice knowing you, alto in the last few weeks in Uniten!!!

Looking forward to meet u in the future too~

Bryan Khoo Seng Kiew said...

Farewell my good senior... haha

cruSadER said...

You take care good junior...

It's your turn next year. Enjoy while you can~