Sunday, March 7, 2010

Land a helping hand please

Life's been good for many of my friends.

Some have found a job (One month before graduating).
Some have secured full scholarship to do postgraduate studies overseas.
Some had a successful interview with his/her future supervisor for Masters research (overseas).
Some have been enjoying vacations and nice outings (shopping, movie, nice food).

Most of us are leaving a peaceful and happy life. We've to be contented and thankful with what we have.

But not all are so lucky and fortunate like us.

I receive an email from Sister Chianee Ong, one of my most respected seniors in Uniten. She's Vice-president of Uniten's Buddhist Fellowship.

A Uniten student - Loong Chay Wah's 15 year-old sister was diagonalized with Leukemia or Blood Cancer late last year.

I feel for the family. I can't bear to put myself in such a situation. It'll be disastrous. Nothing would be more important anymore.

Chay Wah himself with donate his bone marrow on 18.3.09 at UM Hospital for his beloved sister.

However, the bone marrow transplant and medication fee is around RM 40,000.

It's a large sum of money for an average family.

If you think you can lend a helping hand from your comfort zone, please do.

No charity is too small.

If you're interested and willing to help our fellow friend, please bank-in any amount to:

Maybank Account: 112269105215

You can reach her at

The fund-raising drive starts from today till 14.3.2010.

I have total trust and confidence in an honest person like Sister Chianee, whom I've known for 5 years.

I did my little part. Will you?

Ps: I've called Chianee and confirmed with her of this matter...


ong chin horng said...

oo... sorry to hear that... and some more is Ong's... i will consider to donate~ no charity is too small~~

cruSadER said...

You're most welcome man...

Yup, no charity is too small. I like the phrase.