Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Impressed with DHL

After much trouble and delay (and stress), I was finally able to send my letter to Amsterdam on Monday.

It was in the evening and I was considering to send it thru Pos Laju Malaysia or some courier service.

I made up my mind and did a quick survey thru the net. FEDEX and DHL (Totally forgotten about UPS).

I started off Googling for FEDEX but most of the FEDEX offices and stations are located in places like Damansara or KL. In PJ, it's at some place called Menara Axis.

I'd no idea where it is...

I switched to DHL.

Aha! A service outlet at PJ SS2! Near the police station!

So I called up and asked the price. Rm 130++. The parcel will reach in 3 days.

Past experience told me a Pos Laju should cost around Rm 60++. But for the efficiency, it's still a long way to go. I once sent a parcel back to JB on Friday and the girl at the post office promised me the documents will arrive the next day.

Bull s***. It needed 3 WORKING DAYS.

In Malaysia, mane ade orang keje hari Sabtu Ahad? Makan pisang minum kopi la...

The parcel arrived on the next Tuesday... I regretted not taking CityLink...

So without having another thought, I was on the way to PJ at around 5. The service center closes at about 6.30pm.

I reached PJ SS2 only to discover that the night market was starting to get setting up there. Had to park my car way far out.

At DHL, the sweet girl at the counter gave me 20% off. She said DHL was the only courier service giving out discounts for international parcel. She was kind enough to tell me that for local courier, it's better to go for City Link or Pos Laju as DHL is a little more expensive.

I kinda started chatting with her!

Anyway, that's not the point.

My parcel cost was Rm 104.00 at the end of the day!

With DHL, we're able to track our parcel.

This morning, my parcel was in Leipzig, Germany.

But I just checked it just now, it's already received in Amsterdam!

That's one day before schedule with discount!

My parcel reached Amsterdam in Less than 48 hours!

Boy am I impressed.

Ps1 : Pay and extra Rm30 (as compared to the "not so efficient PosLaju") and get your parcel delivered with minimum fuss. I did a survey on FEDEX and UPS, their rates were Rm130+ with no discount. SO I think I made a great deal out of it!

Ps2 : Well, I guess there goes my 100 bucks for gradnite.


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