Friday, March 12, 2010

Effel Tower, Paris

I haven't been there though.

But one of my lecturer did last month.

Mr. Yap, my A.I lecturer, brought some souvenirs back for us.

But you'll need to answer his (not-so-logical) IQ question:

In which 1990-s computer game you find the phrase - "It's a good day to die".

Before he finished writing this phrase on the white board, I've already answered. I could answer from the back of my hands. To my surprise, not many knew about it.

This game is the earlier version of "The Game", I would consider still, the most popular current LAN/Online game around (Which got many playing "without day without night", and got their results flung).

So I was once a gamer too...

Anyone know the answer?

Thanks a lot...

I hope to go there myself though~


My university (care-free student) life is coming to an end in less than 3 weeks. I don't really know what to expect.

There is one final part in my Final Year Project yet to be finalized. But I am working on it, with full interest and enthusiasm. I believe this is the way to study at this stage. You do things that you're interested in, and do it well.

Hope everyone's doing well too~


【R@YMOŊÐ】 said...

nice key chain, congratulations ^^

crusader said...

You have the same one too ya...