Monday, March 29, 2010

Conned in Quito

Conned in where???

Quito, is the capital of Latin America country Ecuador.

I happened to catch this documentary on National Geographic.

Man, my hair behind my neck stood...

Felt obligated to share with all of you.

The documentary was about an Irish mid-20s women, named Zoe.

She left for Ecuador to help a friend - Tony get his Visa back to Ireland. Tony was stranded in Ecuador because he loss his documents or so. Long story...

However, when Zoe was in Ecuador for 4 days, Tony didn't bring her to the Irish Embassy but he brought her to the market place. They shopped for souvenirs. Zoe was un-suspicious, and bought a lot of presents for everyone back home. After shopping, Tony bought 2 new luggage cases, by the roadside, as he said the souvenirs could be kept inside there and brought back to Ireland.

Tony left Zoe back at her hotel, and as Zoe wanted to unload the souvenirs and presents from the taxi, Tony stopped her and said he would pack for her and return her the next day.

The bags arrived the next morning, but without Tony.

And so was the next couple of days. She just can't contact Tony.

Zoe was disappointed as she flew 11 hours from Ireland to Ecuador to help Tony go back to Ireland. She left for Quito Airport after 4 days in Ecuador, wanting to go home.

As she was at her seat on the plane, all of a sudden, policemen rush on the plane. Escorted her down.


Tony snuffed her out!

Zoe was brought to court. Sentence was out - 8 years in prison in Ecuador...

She had to endure being in prison in a strange country because of something she didn't do. What was to be a helpful cause became a disaster and Zoe loss her freedome to the bars in some g** d*** prison in Ecuador.

Zoe was herself was in the documentary explaining the whole cause... She said she lost everything: her confidence, her smile, her relationship, her savings....

Man, I swear I felt for her.... Trying to put myself in her shoes. As travelers going thru custom checks of different countries, one mistake will cause your life...

A lot of effort was done by her loved ones back in Ireland... But, it was too late. She was caught red-handed.

I was thinking, if she were to get caught in Singapore, death sentence in the only outcome.

She was freed in 2008, after 5 years in prison, after gaining pardon from the newly elected Ecuadorian president - Rafael Correa.

So guys, be careful of what you're bringing in/out a country.

Ps: Finished AI paper this morning. One last paper this Thursday - Control System 2. Then need to prepare presentation and finish up Thesis. Then I am done! All the best~