Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiger Year!

It's Wednesday morning.

Whilst many have already start working, start schooling, start having exams, my week starts only now.

My CNY break of 12 days long should be the longest for quite some time.

And really, for someone who seldom go home (because of busy lifestyle), I feel really reluctant to leave once I am home.

I had a great CNY.

Eve - Reunion dinner

Nobody can beat:

Mom's home-made peanut cookies - Hot from the oven

"Year year got fish"

This year in Tun Aminah, the fireworks were different from previous years. It looked like Singapore National Day celebration.

Should be from the 18-storey-flats area

In front of my house

At the back of my house

In my house

Really, fantastic fireworks this year

What's best was, in the first time, a police patrol car in Tun Aminah! At 12am mid-night JB's police comes out from nowhere in front of my house!

(I never seen a police patrol car in front of my house all these years. But this car came at the stroke of mid-night!)

Oh S***... Caught red-handed.

Dad was calm enough, apologizing to the 2 (money-sucker) "Sirs", resisting the urge to give angpow.

They let us off (without getting "anything"). We were just amateur with some simple firecrackers.

Thank God.

Besides, these police should be more hard-working in fighting crime. I'd solute them if they would patrol my neighbourhood starting from 12am everyday.

Aftermath - Fire-crackers

My whole family went to Singapore (for the first time together) on the third day.

Singapore was rather empty. No jams on the roads there.

Legendary Guan Yin Temple (surrounded by high-rise buildings, which were built because of limited land)

One of the oldest flats - Most immigrants those days (including my grandma) from China resided here once they set foot on Singapore

China Town

Good siblings

Eye of Singapore

Las Vegas Marina Bay (Still under-construction???)

While the Casino at Marina Bay still houses cranes, scaff-holding, and many more civil engineers, Sentosa's Resorts World Casino was running business as usual since the 1st day of CNY.

They had 2 entrances as foreigners are free, while Singaporean have to pay $100 (RM 238.00) per entry. If they stay more than 24 hours, a fine of $ 2000 will be imposed.

Foreigners entrance stage 1 -Wait for 1 hour++ for security check to go in

Entrance for Singaporean only

Universal Studio

Singapore's landmark

We went back to Melaka on the 4th day.

We visited many relatives. One of them, yearly without fail, my great-uncle (I guess my grandpa should look something like him).

Notice the tea-set on his right - All avid tea-drinker

Portuguese Village, Melaka

初九拜天公 - 初九大过年

Give me anything, but I won't exchange for a happy and complete family

Ps: 1 month left of my uni life. It's a lie to say that I am still a hardworking student nowadays. (SO SLACK!!!) I need to get my guns moving. It's the final hurdle.

Let's work hard friends.