Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today must have been a good day, if not for my persistence and stubbornness in some not distance past. But I’ve never regretted in what I’ve done and the choices I made. But honestly to judge, I don’t know. We always do what our feelings tell us to do, but are always unsure whether it’s the best path to take.

Life’s kind of complicating at times.

So, it’s the start of February, and I’ve just finish my uni’s Career Fair. No more sleeping at 2.00am and waking up at 6.30am for 3 days in a row… I am back to the care-free life I’ve enjoyed for the past 2 semesters or so.

Starting of February means I’ve 2 months left on my uni life. Oh how fast time passes.

I’ve actually a simple and secured job (with an average salary) in shop for me. Which makes me kind of slack nowadays... It’s like, although I was one of the organizers of the Career Fair, yet I don’t even have my resume ready.

Maybe I have admitted and accepted the fact that I will work for GSP... My conscious tells me that it’s my duty to honour the bond having receiving the benefits from them for the past 5 years. I am never those vicious or ultra-ambitious type of people. Maybe that’s the way I was brought up.

Personally, I’d like to further my studies with an MSc in Electrical Engineering, preferably in the UK, where I can travel around Europe and watch football at the same time. But even if I get a place in some UK university (which is not that hard), securing a scholarship or funding isn’t easy. Tell me, where can I find a 100 grand within a few months? (Any rich people out there willing to spare me some money?)


Talking about money, the last allowance (or free money in my life after all these years) was received sometime late last month, when my pathetic bank account was left with 50 bucks. So that’s my final income of about 5 grands, and that’s how much I have to count on, before I start working.

Well of course, I’ll still go all out and enjoy the final 2 months of uni life.

I am currently still living the best moment in my 23 years of life. So why not live it to the fullest (Like what Karen always say).


Talking about living life to the fullest (from my perspective) is having to watch football on Saturday nights. Finally my beloved Liverpool put in a string of good performance, getting a hard-earned 1-0 win against Everton at Anfield last night.

That’s 17 points out of possible 21 from the last 7 unbeaten matches.

That derby looked more like a wrestling competition, with 8 yellow cards and 2 red cards shown by the referee!

No doubt Liverpool have been going in the wrong way in many ways. People wrote them out for 4th place in the EPL and were calling for Rafa's head.

But maybe in life, in the face of adversity, you got to pick yourself up and keep on working.

And holding on to your faith and beliefs

Kuyt (who was kicked in the face) scored the winner

Long awaited smile on Stevie's

Hopefully Liverpool can continue their form until the end of the season.

You'll never walk alone~


Y.H. said...

Yo, bro. It's not too late to plan now better than not having a plan. Anyway, I have a postgrad mate with me in UTAR who is also from GSP doing her PhD. If you want some advice you could contact her if you want to.

cruSadER said...

Oh really??? I know that there's someone from us doing PhD there, but what a coincidence!

What's her name already ar? Got time maybe can talk to her a little?

THanks bro.