Monday, January 18, 2010

Vietnam - Best 20 Photoshoots

Recently, everyone around me are talking about "heavy-duty" photography... DSLRs are emerging like mushrooms.

Maybe, at this age, it's the time for toys like these to play with.

I was in Vietnam for 11 days 2 months back. I took around 2000 plus pictures.

More than half of them looked pathetic...

But some were, in my low-esteem of photography artistry, looked reasonably pleasing and satisfactory.

So instead of lazing around in my room glaring into thin air, I chose 20 shots from my Canon IXUS 850 and share with all of you (Photos are in order of places I vistied).

Photographing comments please...

1. In the War Remnants Museum in Saigon:

War may bring misery and hardship, but your family will stay by you no matter what happens - A mother's great love for her son

2. A shopping complex in Saigon:

Looks like a normal one in Taman Tun Aminah, Skudai, Johor Bahru

Was expressed with detailed as such, the number of trees are the same!

My total admiration and appreciation of the 30-40 artists sitting by the roadside concentrating on their drawings.

3. City Hall, Saigon:

Purely majestic

4. Mui Ne Beach:

A place we dropped by for about 30 minutes

5. We spent more time on the roads on the Open Tour Bus:

There were no traffic congestion on the state highways, only miles of wilderness

6. The rush hour, Hue:

What was supposing-ly an empty bridge became like this during the evening peak hour

7. Sunset above the Perfume River, Hue:

2 tourist boats coming by

8. The Purple Forbidden City, Hue:

Keat took this picture, totally unedited

9. Tu Duc's Tomb, Hue:

The eternal view of peaceful and serene surroundings of a once mighty emperor

10, Thien Mu's Pagoda, Hue:

7 steps to heaven

11. Josh-sticks on sale, Hue:

It's made up of ordinary sticks, but they somehow gave it a classy touch, any artist will be proud of

12. Outside the gates of a primary school, Hue:

Bells ringing signaling the end of class - Parents picking up their kids

13. Halong Bay:

Fellow dragon boats out at sea

14. Halong Bay:

Glancing at Halong Bay from above some limestone cave (Wide-screen)

15. Halong Bay:

Sunset at the bay - The wind's no doubt quite strong

16. Walking in a chilly night at the train station, Hanoi:

It definitely looked French

17: The highlands separating China and Vietnam, Sapa Valley:

Thousands acres of boundary-less highlands and great weather (Wide-screen)

18. Cooking Dinner, Sapa Valley:

A local girl can cook for 25 tourists without fuss - And the food were prefect

19. Pedestrian Walk by the Hoan Khiem Lake, Hanoi:

Autumn in December?

20. Hoan Khiem Lake, Hanoi:

The reflection

Well, there are many more pictures I took. I actually had a hard time scaling it down and choose only 20 of them.

Hope this post will make your day!

Ps: I still think I prefer those slimer cameras by Canon and Sony than a DSLR after much consideration. A DSLR has no doubt sublime quality, and I don't mind to have one. But it's a little bulky and heavy considering the fact if you're traveling around all the time.


OnG said...

o my god... i love this... wait... my taiwan will post soon... actually i also got idea to post my best shot so far one... shit... let u first

cruSadER said...

Hahaha... Banana ong, i already give u warning tell u to upload pics d... U still dun wan...

But I am still looking forward to see your post from taiwan.

Anonymous said...

This is not a critic if the comment is negative..just some comment :) peace :)

2. A shopping complex in Saigon da 2nd would be better if took the portrait of the artist along with the art and the color materials. the picture will look more alive :)

3. City Hall, Saigon
It would be better if increase the shutter speed (so that the light will not over exposed), higher the ISO and better if with the that the statue can be seen clearer. Guess u want to take overall scene with the building behind. but it's better if the statue look clearer.

15. The angle and timing is right, just that the color is not that attractive, abit's better if the aperture can be higher, so that the blue sky will be look sharper.

overall is good. I like pic 5, 8, 10 (the color is nice for the sky combine with the 7 steps building), 11, 13 and 20. Good job and keep up!

cruSadER said...

Hey dear Anonymous (or who ever you are),

Hope my beginner level photography skills are still "watchable".

Your comments gave me some great realization... I had a difficult time shooting for shots that are deem in light, like pic 15 and some night pics... Hopefully by playing around the aperture more would be able to solve the problem...

And thanks alot!

I will work harder.

miLk said...

all d photos very nice :>

Anonymous said...

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