Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Boxed-In Life

I don’t know if that’s how I can describe my life now – Boxed-in.

When I am busy with projects, assignments, tests, and activities, I scream for some free time.

But when I have all the time in the world, I somehow feel a little bored and useless.

When was the last time I really went out? Can’t remember.

When was the last time I went for a movie? Avatar some 3-4 weeks ago.

When was the last time I went sing k? Can’t remember.

When was the last time I went to the hypermarket for a pleasant walk and to restock some groceries? Nope, my housemate would call me up and ask what I want when they were there.

At least maybe this is the life I’d wanted – Having all the time I have, and do the things I want to, and not getting attached to responsibilities and etc.

I get to plan my time on my final year project. I get to read books that I am interested in (besides those Engineering text books). I get to watch football through live-streaming every Saturday and Sunday nights. I get to watch my favourite adventure documentaries in National Geographic and Discovery Channel daily. I get to go jogging in the evenings around my housing estate, as I am now desperately keeping myself fit. I get to drive to Uni to attend an average of 2 classes per day and come home. I get to improve my guitar skills by playing it to my room walls.

It sounds rather a nerdy, retarded and uninspiring life I am having.

But I know I seen and experience much much more sides of life. Climbing Mt. Kinabalu and backpacking in Vietnamfor 11 days to name a few. I find its time to live a simple and rather fulfilling life. I am having more time doing the things I like.

In this, my final semester, I am living a student life I really wanted (after all these years of hard work).

This would be a much needed recharge before heading to the working world.

A small Logistics Manager position in this year’s Career Carnival looked easy for me to handle, considering the past events experience I had.

Control Systems 2 class for Monday and Tuesday are cancelled, as Dr Jagadesh is back to India with his family.

This means I am having a 4-day weekend!

Tomorrow night, we’ll have Career Carnival’s Dining Etiquette Session at Cyberview Lodge and Resort. So again, I’ll have another chance to learn how to dine at some 4-star hotel!

So as the Logistic Manager, I’ll be the bus-conductor… A simple yet important job, never in the spot-light.

Not bad for a simple and carefree life.

Just a record that I am enjoying the final few months of my student life!

Ps: I'm also in the biggest project of my life - Saving money for a backpack in Europe!!!