Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vietnam Backpack - Hue Part II (27.11.09)

What's best to do after waking up in the morning in Vietnam?

Vietnam Black Coffee - The Vietnam way

We had one more day in Hue.

Motorbikes for rent were priced at USD3.00 per day outside our hotel. There were 2 local university students (which I assume they had no classes that day), who were in-charge of the rental, volunteered to bring us around the city the whole day.

So, we had 3 bikes, 2 local scouts... Paid USD 6.00 per person.

Besides, it isn't easy riding around only with maps... Our life would be much easier, as Hue is kind of a big city in the old days.

Of course must put petrol first!!!

Ever wonder why all our Vietnamese friends, and those nationalist we studied during of History classes (in secondary school) has names starting with Nguyen??? Everyone's like have the same name there??? (That was what I once thought to myself)


The Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam's own emperial kingdom.

Main entrance, Vietnam's own Purple Forbidden City

A smaller version then Beijing's Forbidden City

That's proof of an empire once existed

In front of the "main hall" where the emperor "hang out"

Whole road map of the emperial city



I think it's a replica... I doubt the emperor is strong enough to "chop it"

A picture of young princes and their teachers

The hot seat

The theater

Why la???

It's a big area, really

It's a place you wouldn't want to miss...

It's listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 1993.

Then we hit the road again.

There's a sense of satisfaction riding motorbike in Vietnam

It's like, you have passed your motorbike license with distinction.

My research told me "顺化出美女". Which means, the most beautiful and finest girls come from Hue. According to that article I read, Hue attracted the best looking girls because of it's status as the emperial city. I guess it's always normal for those emperors to be surrounded by beauties...

A simple shot from my camera yield:

How could I ever forget your smile???

We reached Thien Mu Pagoda after about 25 minutes ride.

Keat looks even shorter standing with it

The pagoda faces a beautiful and calm river...

It was like a painting

The people there actually spent quite some effort there.

Long long live - this couple pair

The lushes of greenery


One of the most photographed cars in the world

A monk actually drove this car to Saigon some 40 years back and burnt himself to death in protest against the government.

And we were on the road again.

This time, the 2 local uni guys took us on a motor skills challenge.

Like this one over some unknown railway bridge, which was as wide as a motorbike + 20cm

Our next destination was the Tu Duc Tomb. It's an emperors tomb, located way out of the city. There are 3 famous tombs in Hue, and Tu Duc's the biggest one of them all.

Luckily of our local guide, we reached the place after like 30 minutes on the bike... It could've took us a whole day and we still can't find it.

On the way, we past by some rural villages and numerous cemeteries. No way we would fine that place...

My backbone almost gave way...

It looked...


Like a resting place...

Same height or what???

Tu Duc's first wive

Quite a place to have eternal peace

A king's tomb

I imagine lines of protocol followed here 100 years ago


One thing in this "Tu Duc Tomb" place was really obvious to all of us.

There is an indescribable sense of peace, calmness and tranquility.

With art works worked in nature's art

A different experience

It's really quite there... A little too quite I guess... I wonder who dares to come at night.

Spotted these josh sticks on the way back to the city

We were soon back in the city in the early evening.

More "Pho Bo", which means beef noodles

I was quite determined to try something in Vietnam.

But really, I admit, I don't have what it took

We had another ride around the city (because the bikes still had petrol) to buy sometime. We were leaving for Hanoi at 5.30pm.

Main entrance to Forbidden City (There are 4 of these in total)

Local school

I almost went down and embarrassed myself...

And as planned, we left at around 5.45pm for Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.


Overall, spending 2 days in Hue was fine, especially in renting the bikes. It was a pleasure really, having the luxury of getting our legs one day off.

Not to mention those cute and pretty girls la...

And I love all the pictures taken there