Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vietnam Backpack - Hue Part I (26.11.09)

We left Hoi An, taking the Open Bus at 7.45am.

Enjoying our French toast while waiting for the bus

Hue was our next stop

We reached about mid-day.

We checked-in a hotel called Phong Nha.

Keat in his full-gear

After getting some maps and general information from the hotel, we were out on our own again.

Perfume river

Hue town center

They even had their own hyper-market (which sold mineral water at a reasonable price)

High on our must-see list was the citadel and forbidden city. But it's only open during office hours, and we need to buy tickets to enter. So we'd just sight-see and enter the following day, which we had one full day.


Look at our shopping stuffs!

Totally Chinese-influenced architecture

Nevertheless, it was a nice town, coupled with a great weather and scenery

And pretty local girls

Above the Perfume River (actually don't have any special smell)

It was dawn, and suddenly all these people came out of no where

But again, it's nice place, with a perfect modern and historical blend

Dinner was as usual

Not bad

We tried a few dishes everywhere

Of course we'd reward ourselves after a tiring day

Hue + Denmark Beer = Huda beer!!!

101 Dalmatian

We had a great dinner. We had the energy again, and were quite curious about the night view of the Forbidden City. We walk another 5km back to the Citadel only to find nothing... Everything was dark.

Even asked this 2 kids, called Ming to become translator as they can't understand English

On our way back across the bridge (there are 2 main ones in Hue, but I forgotten the name already), our friend found USD100 on the floor!!!

We were planning a bigger feast...

But after some clear study, it turned out to be - "those money"

Luckily we didn't bring it back to our hotel...

We had a solemn walk back. Honestly, that was not what we want... Who dared to play with such "things" in a foreign country???

And how I prayed that tomorrow will be a better day.


【R@YMOŊÐ】 said...

what do you mean "those money?"
dead people's money?

cruSadER said...

Spot on bro!!!

We were so like "uneasy" u know?? We never wan to meddle with those things, let alone in an unknown place, at night!!!

Luckily nothing bad happened... Thank god.

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