Monday, December 14, 2009

The longest ride - 24.11.09

I'll be frank, in my diary I wrote: "Relieve to leave Saigon." Which was true... This city was really busy and crowded, with "motor horns" buzzing away 24-7.

I was glad to "hop" on the bus which would take me to Hoi An.

But it takes 24 hours to reach there

We took the Open Bus Tour, which is convenient for all backpackers, whereby we "hop" up and down the bus all the way from Saigon to Hanoi. USD 41 per ticket.

A very good bus system unfortunately not found in Malaysia

They call it a sleeping bus

And I had no problem at all sleeping inside. Just ask him

We left Saigon at around 8.00am. And boy, I was relieved.

As you can see from the map up there, we were presented a chance of a journey by the South China Sea coast line, which was a bonus.

Untouched beaches with strong waves from the sea

The bus was comfortable for my standard. Just that,


We reached a place with a famous with its beach called Mui Ne, about 3.00pm. We had lunch there.

The bus stop and restaurant

You could either "hop" down the bus here and check-in a hotel if you want to stay at Mui Ne.

It looked great

It looked clean

It looked quite classy

It's a popular place for tourist

But we weren't in Vietnam for this. Beaches and seasides were excluded in my plans. I am more interested to see what I can't see in Malaysia.

We "hopped" back our bus and continued our (sleeping) journey.

Scenes along the way are scenes that I hadn't quite seen before

Life's a little simpler along these outskirt areas. I was so tempted to get down the bus to take some photos of the wonderful natural landscapes and life style of the local folks. How well if I were to ride a motorbike and am able to stop whenever I want to! (But I guess my backpack will last for 1 month)

The rock-hill, facing the opening sea on the other side

We had occasional stops along the way to make sure our gallbladder is "reset".

In the middle of no where

The bus needs rest too

The best thing I saw along the way was lushes of greenery of paddy fields on such vast of low-land. You could virtually see thousands of miles away on the horizon. I thought I could see Thailand or somewhere for that matter...

The wind gave the paddy field a synchronized movement

These 2 pictures failed to describe what I want to describe...

We reached Nha Trang, another famous beach side at around 7.30pm. More people "hopped" up the bus, after spending a few days there.

But for us, we were only half way through. It'll be a long night for us, as we were scheduled to reach Hoi An 7.30am next morning...

Total distance covered ~ 600++ Km (Remember the bus had to go up slops and hills, single passage ways and ran at about 70kmh so that we wouldn't get thrown out from our sleeping seats)

But the things I saw, the awe and experience ~ Indescribable

Ps: More to come...


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