Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, Home Alone

Yup, and it sounds a little sad and pathetic…

I am home alone with all my friends and housemates out either back in hometown, partying or seeing their loved ones.

I am left with my guitar, some movies in my notebook and some free-live-streaming channels using my (nobody is fighting bandwidth tonight) 1 Mbps streamix.

And I enjoy the peace and quietness now.

It’s a stark contrast to those busy streets in Hanoi (they call it the 36 Street Old Quarter) which will celebrate 1000 years anniversary soon. I am still quite “shaken” by its business and noise!

Seriously, for special occasions, I prefer a nice and warm BBQ night out with friends, or a pleasure drinking session rather than those noisy party beats, or some clubbing madness which in the same time, burn a hole in your wallet.

Call me a nerd or geek if you want…

What to do? I am an adventurous person, willing to try different stuffs… Maybe that made me a little tired of all the buzz and noise…

And, I am kind of broke recently. And I mean it.

My account is left with about 800 bucks, and I am quite desperate to keep the record of not asking parents for money since uni life started.

It’s still one of my proudest achievements in life, no matter what I’ve done.

It’s special to be able to budget and spend money the way you like.

But this pleasure will end when I start working...

I am still clinging to some hope slim to continue studying overseas (particularly in the UK), if I get the funding I need.


Overall, 2009 was a great year for me.

Santa’s been really nice to me all year round…

I started the year quite miserably. But after 12 months, I must say that I am pleased with my life. It can get any better (for me)…

For me, I don’t spend much on branded stuffs, clothings, fine dining, entertainment or those rich people’s hobby. But when it comes to travelling, or expedition, I am never a cheap-skate.

Maybe that’s how I want my life to be.

I conquered my childhood dream of Mount Kinabalu last July, and I just came back from an 11-day backpack in Vietnam. (This 2 trips cost me around 4k!)

Of course, I also went around the country to places like Singapore, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka

Year 2009 was also a year I did my industrial training, in a power plant in Kuala Langat. It was the first time I deal with big machines like gas turbines, transformers, power treatment plant… (At least I experienced what my future life would be) Being an engineer in short doesn’t really suit me though...

But, there were unpleasant and heart-breaking things that happened this year. A great friend, possibly the most perfect person of my age, left on that fateful morning of 3rd August.

Gary Leon Robert, my classmate was found dead in a stadium basement after participating in the Adidas King of the Road Marathon. Still no justice is being upheld so far.

Dear Gary would have been happily around his lovely and caring family for Christmas by now.

I miss you bro... Merry Christmas

All in all, I guess life is fragile. We’ve got one life, and we’ve to get out there, and live it. And that includes in studies and play.

It’s the festive season with a brand new year coming up.

All of us will have different priorities and concerns in life.

What ever it is, I sincerely wish all of you, my dear friends:

Merry Christmas

Ps: My family is coming up KL tomorrow, and I am gonna be a part-time tour guide in a place me myself am not too sure… But I am really looking forward for a pleasant family reunion.