Friday, November 20, 2009

Vietnam Backpack Itinerary

I've been in JB for the past 3 days. I haven't drive at all...

I was a nerdy at home all the time, only stepping out my house 2 days ago, walking to "pasar malam" behind my house.

And just now, I went to change some USDs for my expenditure there.

The challenge, the destination, the country I am going

My itinerary for 11 days:

Day 1 (23/11): HCM city
We’ll reach at around 10.00am and will check in our luggages…

- Then we will check out downtown Ho Chi Minh City and all those places of interest like Independence Palace, Bentan market, eat some beef noodles, visit Uncle Ho… (My cousin was saying Uptown HCM is just like Paris!!!)
Ho Chi Minh City night life!!!

The Independence Palace

Day 2 (24/11):
Check out the famous Chu CI Tunnel, and try out the AK 47 guns available there.

- Depart for Nha Trang, catching the 8.30pm bus. Nha Trang has famous beaches. The bus ride should take around 8 hours.

Some of the tunnels at Chu Ci Tunnels (what is so nice?)

Day 3 (25/11):
Since my friends and I have enough of beaches and sea in our lives, we don’t plan to hang out there. Why visit beaches in Vietnam??? Instead, we hope to catch the bus to Hoi An at 7.30am. We should reach Hoi An at around 3.30pm.

- We should mingle around the small town, and settle in.

Day 4 (26/11):
Hoi An is an ancient city. What beats me is they have Chinese Association like Cantonese Assembly Hall, Hokkien Association, TeoChew Association and etc.

- We’ll also walk around the small town, famous for it’s Vietnam clothings.

- There are lots of French Colonial Architecture buildings around.

- We plan to wisit My Son Ruins, Vietnam’s own Angkor Wat (Although it’s not that famous), for around USD 5.

Cantonese Assembly Hall, Hoi An

Day 5 (27/11):
We’ll leave for Hue at 8.30am. It should take us about 3 hours until we reach the former “Royal Capital” of Vietnam, where the Nguyen Dynasty was based.

- So the places of interest are like the Forbidden Purple City (similar to the one in Beijing), The Citadel (Old palace), some royal tombs of Nyugen Dynasty, like the one belong to Minh Mang.

- Perfume river is quite famous.

- My research brought me to do something special at night – Foot massage @ USD 7.00.

The advice from fellow tourist is that the Ao Dai at Hue are better made than in Hoi An
(But I guess it's only nice if you have good figure like they have!)

Day 6 (28/11):
A good night’s rest will see us continue to explore the city of Hue, until around 5.30pm when we depart to Hanoi.

- And this ride should take more than 8 hours.

Day 7 (29/11):
We should reach Hanoi city, unfortunately early in the morning around 5.30am. Our immediate plan will be to catch the Halong Bay tour package around 8.30am.

- We should be staying on a boat that night, enjoying some great UNESCO World Heritage views.

- Budget would be around USD 50 for everything.

One of my most looked forward places to visit so far in my life

Day 8 (30/11):
We should reach Hanoi in the evening. And without wasting much time, we plan to catcth the night train to Lao Cai, en-route to Sapa Valley.

- We plan to spend 1 day there, along with Vietnam’s most well preserve side of mother nature.

Day 9 (1/12):
Spending the day around mountains, within breezes of fresh air, and seemingly cold temperature ~ 16oC. The mountain tribes like the Hmong people look friendly as far as I am concern

- We should hop on the train back to Hanoi that night.

Sapa Valley

Day 10 (2/12):
We should reach Hanoi in the late morning.

- HANOI!!!!!!!!!

- No need for explanation. Ming is in the town! Err, I'll just do what ever things I can do here!

Day 11 (3/12):
- Last day of my tour. Should be able to catch everything before leaving at around 11.00pm. Should reach Singapore at 12.30am the next day.

Through out my planning for this itinerary, I would really like to thank my good friend Ming, from Hanoi, who is also my uni-class-mate. I know you've put in a lot of effort and get me the information in Vietnam!

Thanks bro. Anytime you wanna visit Singapore or Johor Bahru, I'll always be available.

Hopefully everything turns out fine.

And I'll enjoy my 1st backpack of my life


BoOn HeNg said...

enjoy ur trip bro! (with ghey keat n ur gang)...
better hope it doesn't rain by then... ^^

cruSadER said...

Ya ya... thx...