Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Slap in My Face

Yesterday I had a lesson of my life.

I followed Boon Heng and a few dudes to a workshop-come-sharing session organized by a personal training company (which I can’t remember the name) at Starbucks JayaOne, PJ.

We were representing the Careers Unit there.

Kind of last minute notice, but I thought I learned and gained a lot.

Among the attendees were 1901 Hotdog Co-founder and CEO – Mr Zakir and Graduan Founder and MD – Elly, and a mixture of working adults and students.

The topic was like “Making Choices in Life”, for the future.

SO we were asked about our opinions, and dilemmas in life, as soon to graduate students.

Mine is typical.

It’s just like; you get a scholarship, and you study engineering for 5 years, and after that you have fulfil your bond with the company for 5 years. That’s what the agreement is.

I was a little disheartened all these while since the day I understood the fact that my future is already set and defined, in terms of where I am gonna work and live my life. It’s quite disappointing at times, when you know there is a big big world with thousands of things you can do, only to hit ground on cold hard reality that, yup, I am bonded with a company, and I am gonna spend 5 of my best years there.

I thought of at least going overseas for Masters Degree (which is an excuse to get myself to UK without worries)… Or going on a backpack in Europe (or anywhere that matter) after I graduate… But I’ve to report for work sooner before I know it!

So, it’s a dilemma felt by many of my friends, and even seniors.

I think we all thought the same, because we’re all technical people, with very straight forward and logical thinking brains (which sometimes can’t twist and turn), and we’re always in the engineering world of our own.

Thus, having the opportunity to talk and interact with people like Co-founders of companies and CEOs for that matter, really gave me a different perspective of life.

Passion – IS something that drives you out from bed. It’s like what that interest you in life. Some people like to help and teach people, some people want to see their employees’ children get into university, some people took the challenge to create an improved welfare system for the elderly.

I told the floor my passion was traveling, going on expedition, and out-door stuffs...

"And a career coming with passion with it isn't impossible. You can always try to gel both together, and enjoy what you do!"

Mr Zakir, of 1901 gave me quite an impact.

Looking at me with his big black eyes, he said convincingly:

“Why do you want to grumble, and wait, only to live with your life ONLY AFTER 5 years? You must always try to change and turn the situation into a positive one. Turn it 3600 or if you can’t, 1800. Be positive, because by being positive, then only positive things will come to you, automatically. Do you believe in Karma?”

That was a slap in my face...

Not knowing how lucky I am in life.

Group photo

StarBucks Christmas Special (which I think it's a luxury for rich people)

I think I'll treasure life better.


Yvonne Jing 静 said...


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H0p3 *愿* said...

it's a blessings to get that scholarship and the bond~
Mr Zakir is so right
The universe works with the law of attractions: u know what u want ,and u get what u want.
Be in the work u are doing then u will find the passion
I know there are times when we are just so "xian" to get up from bed and go work ...but make some changes,make the job more looking forward to,
and...go travel!No matter how busy u are!!!

Anonymous said...

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crusader said...

Thanks H0p3 *愿* ... it's really a pleasure talking to me... shud be a defining moment in my life!

u take care too!

crusader said...

correction: It's really a pleasure talking to "him"

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