Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday night no fever

Saturday night.

My plan: Stay at home, watch some movies, stream a friendly between a second string England team playing Brazil, World Cup playoff with the likes of Portugal and France or watch NatGeo or Discovery…

At least this prevents me from further "deficiting" my bank account right?

This morning I booked 8 tickets to and fro Phuket for average of RM 250 per pax for next June’s graduation trip. Of course the delicious AirAsia food and luggage included.

It’s not the cheapest, but still, it’s reasonably cheap. That was the last 8 RM 0 fare tickets. I left myself and a friend out. Hopefully there’ll be a promotion in a few months time. If not each of us will pay around 15 bucks more.

And guess what I read from the papers just now, AirAsia sold a record 900,000 tickets in the last 2 days since the promotion started...

(Vietnam also not yet go, already bought tickets to Thailand… What am I doing???)

After that, I went down to KLCC for the UK Education Fair, around 1pm.

Talked to a few universities I targeted; Uni. Liverpool, Uni. Manchester, Uni. Swansea…

All look impressive, and expensive.

And how can someone like me afford 14k pounds of fees and 9k pounds of living cost per annum?

As Cheun Hang left with his gf for KTAR graduation ceremony, I set off a solemn and soulless walk around Suria KLCC myself.

Looked quite pathetic and quite a lonely figure among the crowd…

That's the problem when you are single, regardless you're available or not.

You all know me… I don’t go shopping. I don’t eat at those high class dining lounge. I don’t spend unnecessary (but I still don’t know how I withdraw-ed 2.5k in the past 2 months).

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dunhill, Royal Selangor… 2 hours walk also can’t walk finish KLCC…

I did checked out Maxis Center. I am planning to switch my Digi Postpaid to Hotlink Youth Plan, and then switch to Digi Campus… But there were too many people there. Waited for 45 minutes and gave up.

But the conclusion is, it’s “switchable”. The girl at Maxis told me I can switch operator, even from postpaid to prepaid.

Took LRT back to Serdang. KTM still sucks… The train was overloaded… I barely made it.

And there was a new cabbie system at KTM Serdang station (which according to the cabbie dude, started since last year).

First you go to the counter and pay to buy your ticket, and the taxi-man will fetch you where you wanna go. Easy, no conning and convenient. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! A systematic taxi standard in Malaysia!

But that's only in KTM station Serdang...

And then, my ride was RM 11.00 back to Tmn Putra Budiman. And a trip to anywhere around UPM is RM 11 per cab, and RM 12 per cab to Uniten. All are standard price,and not cheap though.

Actually felt quite glad to be back in Serdang, in my quite and peaceful rented house, escaping the hustle and bustle in KL.

Saturday night… Will be a good night at home.

Ps: 10 day Vietnam backpack in 2 weeks time. Can't wait for it seriously! Plan, plan, plan...