Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RED FM Speed Dating (18 SX)

Finally!!! Finals are over... There goes semester 7... 1 more to go.

I've abandoned this blog for sometime, leaving it with some Liverpool related posts... Hope I didn't bored anyone of you...

Anyway, I am on holiday now. I can't wait to go backpack in Vietnam in 3 weeks time!!!


Last month I went to Red FM's Love Classified Speed Dating at Renaissance Hotel. Chia Hui got 4 tickets from don't know where, and since I am still S & A (which means sad and annoyed) I joined him, Vincent and Ah Chuan to what would be a first SPEED DATING event for me!

Anybody listen to RED FM before???

Red FM called Chia Hui up and invited him + 3 friends here

Had tea at The Mirache

She's DJ Nisha, one famous DJ from Red FM

Hot chicks??? Any???

At least Chia Hui found ONE!!!

What to do if someone offers you a free meal?

Just whack anything available

So what is Speed Dating?

I guess it's an event for people like these to seek happiness...

We play some games there, at won a few...

Nisha giving out the game instruction - Is she hot???

What the heck is she doing on Vincent?

It seems Chia Hui is more eager to err.... *censored*

At the end we had quite a great time there... And we really took away quite some stuffs, considering the fact that everything was free... RM 50 cash voucher, sunglasses, Air Purifier, goodie bags...

So anybody wants these???

The food was fairly nice. But the Hotel Renaissance was grand.

With those grand lightings

And those grand carpets

Well, not bad for a free Speed Dating session... But at 22, I don't really see the point besides getting some fun and thrill.

With Mr. DJ Chelayah, the funniest DJ in the house

And Nisha was really cool... A great pleasure to meet her

After that, we chilled out in KL.

It's Saturday.

KL Tower from Bec's apartment

Twin Towers

And guess what, the few of us were on Star Two the following week!


Well it looks miserable from the outside, when everyone has their someone to look for. And you don't. And it seems even more miserable to graduate single (quoted from my good friend IvanTay).

Which is what I am gonna do come April.

Sometimes family and friends will jokingly ask when you'd bring someone home... And it's quite hard to answer at times, not to say I am bothered...

But rather than finding a girl for the sake of finding one, I thought I'll just keep it simple and easy. Besides, I ain't have time for one too... It seems my life is always quite packed!

I think I'll go for a second Speed Dating when I am 30 years old!


weipin said...

finally u post this... hahaha

dj nisha is hot.. i like her shirt.. hahaha =P

cruSadER said...

Yup... haha...

DJ Nisha is hot... hopefully i can find some motivation to listen to Red FM at times!

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