Thursday, November 5, 2009

Melacca 1 Day Trip (We can go more often)

Since I am on a tight budget scheme for the next one month, there'll be no nice and exciting trips like Taman Negara, or Cherating, or Some Redang or Tioman Island...

I seriously need to save money for Vietnam!

So, after a grueling 2 weeks of finals, we went down Melaka for a day trip. Cheap and cheerful right?

Besides, there're people like this Kuching-Kia never been to Melaka before

Well, Melaka is where I call hometown, where I spend Chinese New Year.

So nothing is really special for me in Melaka.

But it has become quite a good destination for a 1 day trip.

Chicken again?

The Tan Family in Melaka is quite a big clan. And we've our own association. We always meet up on 2nd day of CNY in Tengkera:

So why are all these people cam-horrying outside my association???

Manchester mascot - Err, so Blue Devil is Manchester City?

We tried some Nyonya Laksa at Melaka Raya.

Wasn't really nice though... Jonker's nicer

Next we went to The Jetty.

Album cover - Just after finals

Album cover - During Finals

And at last due to some persistence from PC,we went in the cheapest KBOX in Malaysia...

RM 6.00 per room for 1 hour.

So at the end of the day, RM 2.00 per pax for 2 hours...

And it was a nice place too...

Then for the first time, we witness this -

Capitol Satay Celup empty!!! Because we reached there at 5pm sharp!

Can eat straight away... Queuing up not needed

More drama coming on...

The SHiP

I thought I captured one of the pictures of the day?


We also walked around Dataran Merdeka in order to digest the food taken, for more...

Steal Melaka canon and shoot ah keat?


Muscular Liang

Help him break his leg!

Air Force 5

And we went for Asam Pedas Ikan Pari at Batu Berendam's Pasar Borong...

Don't look down on this boiling hot ikan pari... It's a hit only known by locals

My stomach became 2 inches bigger...

Anyway, since when Melaka has their own Titanic movie??? Using KTM train?

A dramatic couple with natural acting skills


【R@YMOŊÐ】 said...

thomas very yeng in 'during finals'
and the last pic, LOL!!!

cruSadER said...

Haha... he do wat aso yeng la...

weipin said...

capitol satay celup not nice larrr hehehe =D

cruSadER said...

hahaha... then???

ONG KIM WEE wan nicer???

weipin said...

normally local will go to the ongkimwee one.. and i personally think it is nicer.. hehehe =D

cruSadER said...

Ermm... Yup... Ong Kim Wee is also bigger and more choices...

But it seems capitol is cleaner?

伟康 said...

haha.. tat's funny >.<

cruSadER said...

yaya... lolx