Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Once Cheated Death

Few days back there was an unfortunate piece of news.

3 UTAR students were washed away at a waterfall in Kampar, Perak. Some were my friend's friend.

Really felt for all of them, their family and friends.

As an adventurous out-door expediter, I went for many expedition trips, mountain climbs, campings, not to metion numerous waterfalls too. Some as high as 7-8 stories.

The views of mother nature are always amazing.

Like this one I went in Gunung Berembun, Terengganu

Lying down underneath those splashing water feels great

Standing above a waterfall looking on earth's horizon - Breath-taking view

Out-door expedition and adventure is not an activity for the faint-hearted.

Because you need to be physical and mentally strong, and consider the risk of mother nature's wrath.

During all these years going to different mountains and camp-sides, I've encounter several "near-miss".

But the "nearest-miss" would be this one - At the waterfall of Gunung Tebu, Terengganu.

Well organized expedition by the club. Great job and I was impressed.

It was mid-August last year, and my first outing with my uni's Expedition and Recreation Club (Kelab Kembara Uniten).

I was bathing and washing up in the evening, alone, here:

A peaceful waterfall which I thought was quite safe.

The first warning sign came. My Dettol body shampoo was washed down the waterfall within a split of a second, as I tried to placed it on some rocks.

This was the spot my soup got "drowned", ever wondered why there is a black PVC line???

The water current was fast... That was for sure. I noted down in my mind.

But not buying the warning signs, I walked further in, to enjoy the "natural mountain water". You don't get to bath in such pure water, rich in natural mineral often.

So, I was enjoying my time there under beautiful evening skyline, coupled with fresh east-coast air.

That's more than anything I enjoyed in this world.

BUT, as I was on my feet wanting to leave the waterfall and catch up with the others, the unthinkable happened.

I loss my balance due to the slippery rocks, and I slipped and fell into the on-rushing water. I was dragged along with the water current, without any support and control over myself.

I've never doubted my ability to swim, but that time at that instant, I just can't control where I was heading.

It happened very fast.

It was like, nature didn't have mercy at all. I wanted to shout out and really hope the water would stop, but I knew it was useless, within any moment, I'd be washed down few 100 feet and get some bumpy knocks on those rocks.

I feared the worst. It was the first time in my life I had no control of where myself was heading.

After drifting with the fast water current downward for like 3-4 seconds, I managed to catch hold of a out stretching PVC tube with my left hand, just in time.

It was God sent.

I can't describe the feeling of fear and relief I went thru, which changed hands in 10 seconds.

This is quite a dangerous picture I took...

That's the PVC tube that saved me from getting to the bottom of the waterfall.

I walked down Gunung Tebu in Terengganu a lucky boy.

I didn't really tell anyone about this...

I am just lucky to be still alive. That's the extend of this incident.


But that didn't happen to the 3 UTAR friends, with average age of 20.


Mother nature has no mercy. You've to respect Her and she'll do it the other way.

During every expedition, remember to obey all country rules. And pray before every start of your journey, in your own religion for that matter.

Then you'll get to witness nature's creation

And live to describe it to others who can't

PS: Take care my friends. Life is fragile. Till then.


Tan Chia Hui said...

Wow...... u're lucky man @_*

cruSadER said...

Yup, I was quite lucky....

aries said...

wow... the waterfall!
haha nice scenary!

Xu Shen said...

hmmm ..

there are definitely some rules to be observed whenever you are out in the wild.

enjoy what mother earth has to offer , but do not take it for granted !

cruSadER said...

Aries: Yup, and tats y i go expedition for 3-4 days, just to see mother nature's best creation.

Atlantiz_M: well said my frend, well said...

SHouN YinG said...

the message at the end of d video clip is very important, don't go waterfall during raining season, Xpecially dis few days, bad weather.