Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogging, live from Ho Chi Minh City

I must day I am impressed, with my hotel... Free internet plus good service and advice for us.

Well, before you guys start questioning me why on earth I have nothing better to do, than to blog in Vietnam, I need to say we've been walking around Ho Chi Minh City from 11am till 7.00pm...

My legs are red hot now.,.. And I am waiting for my friends to get washed up.

Later, we'll try the cheapest thing you can find in Vietnam - beer, or more particulary Saigon Bear!

At 10,000 VND, equivalent to RM 2.00. 325ml Tiger in cans are at 15,000 VND or RM 3.00!

Ho Chi Minh is really a busy, noisy city crowded with motorbikes. Building architectures are quite uniquely French at some parts. But I believe you wouldn't wanna come back to a place with 10 times Petaling Street!

We'll leave HCM City tomorrow morning about 8.00am for Nha Trang, a place famous for its beach.

We catch the bus to Hoi An in the evening.

Slight change to out itinerary due to some transport problem.

But so far, everything is still great.

That's Day 1.

Ps: Take care guys.


Tan Chia Hui said...

tat's awesome bro. LOL! travelling while blogging =)

crusader said...

haha,,, nice experience too...

Anonymous said...

yoo... luv this style :))

Anonymous said...


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