Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lucas Leiva?

Last Sunday I caught the last 20 minutes of the cruncher Liverpool VS Man Utd.

I was reluctant to watch the game because:
1) I had my first paper on Monday, second paper just now. (I made 2 uncharacteristic errors which would cost me dearly for both the papers)
2) Liverpool were totally out of sorts before hand. 4 consecutive defeats going to the match was a worst run in 22 years.
3) I've said before I'll support both Liverpool and Man Utd (ONLY FOR THIS SEASON) in respect of a friend gone.

Another game with Stevie G in this jumper and jacket... Luckily Torres was back.

Nevertheless, I clipped in for the last 20 minutes on livestream after Hee Guan's live "sms" result made me so curious and excited. Liverpool were 1-0 up!

We had a 80% fit Fernando Torres, who played thru the pain to fire us ahead at The Kop

19 year old French striker David Ngog scored in the 95th minute, courtesy of a superb thru ball by Lucas Leiva, which saw Pepe Reina running full field to be the first to celebrate the goal with him...

Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United.

4 defeats in a row before this... The media, the commentators, the football pundits and the Man Utd fans were blasting and laughing at the team with mediocre players like Lucas Leiva, Emiliano Insua, Dirk Kuyt, Yossi Benayoun, Fabio Aurelio.... I also shake my head when I see the starting line up!

(If you're not a football fan, it's not your fault that you don't know any of them. But these were "cheap" players that beat mighty Manchester Utd)



It's special to witness a group of unfortunately unlucky people achieving something by going against all the odds.

I admit my eyes somehow got a little wet seeing how the players, and around 50,000 fans celebrating, waving their red colour Liverpool scarves.

Anfield erupted...

It was sunshine in Merseyside again.


It wasn't an easy game against the champions.

Lucas Leiva did a great job in midfield. This 21 year old Brazilian had been criticized up side down, inside out, by everyone who knows football (including me). He is just not good enough for Liverpool.

He had big boots to fill since Xabi Alonso left for Real Madrid.

Before joining Liverpool, he was best player in his country's league, at only 19, with Gremio in Brazil. He was captain for Brazil's U21 team.

He once said: "I won matches, I won tackles, I won championships, I scored goals, and everything was good for me back then at home"

At Liverpool, it's really hard. It's a top league, and when you are new there, it's never gonna be easy.

People tend to compare him to Alonso. But how many players can you find in this world that can pass the ball better than Alonso? That also includes that Alonso is in his peak, at 28 years old now.

I was cursing Rafa Benitez for selecting Lucas, since he first wore Liverpool's jersey.

But I won't anymore...

Rafa, and Carragher, our stand-in captain were stubborn enough to still believe that they could turn the tie at pre-match, after 4 defeats in a row. I was skeptical. I was annoyed by Jamie Carragher's stance that they will pull off another win, by working hard.

At the end, last Sunday's was magnificent.

Worked hard, making Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick looked out of sorts, Lucas and Mascherano maneuvered the midfield.

It was a win, a big boost, and a moral story for everyone of us.

When people look down or insult you

You have to continue working hard, because that's the only way out

To prove them wrong, let them eat back their own words and keep quite

And you don't forget those who have faith, helped and trusted you all these while.

Success will eventually come, one fine day. And we'll witness it together.

Ps: My next paper is on Saturday... I didn't do well for both my papers today and yesterday, which both are my favourite subjects. I feel sorry for my lecturers that I disappointed them. I just couldn't do it right... I had tried my best. But I'll continue to work hard.


Bryan Khoo said...

But I think that match Liverpool can win because you all got a world best finisher... we all opened jaw when saw Torres finish that goal... not we only... vds, ferdinand, vidic also... like wtf!!!... thats very fast... ManU this season also dissapointing... need to buy new player liao... Nani like shit... midfield no creative player ... winger not strong enough... haih... liverpool really deserve that win... but still... glory glory Man United...lol

cruSadER said...

Yes bryan...
I still thnk MU are stronger in terms of reserve. Rooney injured d still got berbatov.
Torres injured d we only have 19 year old david errrr... Ngog...
But Liverpool have beat MU 3 in the row!!!

Bryan Khoo said...

Ya... 3 in row... maybe a curse... lol... last year even worst... Anfield fans are really facinating. they sing and shout the whole game... During that game, they even support Liverpool player by scream loud when got ManU player approach from behind... that really works!!!...

cruSadER said...

Haha... i juz found out lucas leiva has the same birthday date as me... WE WERE BORN ON THE SAME DAY!!!