Sunday, October 25, 2009

I miss my grandma

Yesterday when I was having dinner, I noticed a young guy (somewhere my age) having dinner with (supposingly) his grandma.

Both of them talked alot... It looked like a happy pair of granny-grandson.

Suddenly I missed mine really much.

My grandma was from Tong An, Fujian, China, migrating to then Malaya in the 1950s, coming over only after grandpa and his brothers had set up a small rubber business in Melaka.

So no doubt she speaks only hokkien to us all the time, no even mandarin...

Grandma left when i was in form 3, during PMR exam period. It was a time I can't drive, have no money, can hardly do and achieve anything, can't bring her anywhere, can't even buy an ice cream for her.

Oh I can still remember how she laughs, how she loved to comb my hair, or protect me from dad's cane.

I can still remember on "that day", she had waited for us to rush down to Melaka from JB, to be at her side before her last breath.

I was always her favourite grandson (I am 2nd last in the family tree), out of 13 (mostly quite successful) grandchildren she has. Which I don't really know why, since small.

I'll always get the biggest red packet during chinese new year.

She had high hopes on me as a boy. I thought she would very much see how I am now...

Sadly, she can't see me grow up and be successful. I'll forever be a boy in her memory. I won't have the chance to bring her out, or eat her favourite fried chicken with her anymore.

Whatever it is, life goes on. And I will continue to work hard.

And I'll be a successful grandson one day.

Ps: Final exam starts tomorrow. Good luck to all my friends. Play hard, study hard, no regrets.